Circadian Seekers in I-MGAB


Station personnel in Port Larren station in I-MGAB was this evening surrounded by three unclassified vessels known as Circadian Seekers by scientists. They where engaging what was noted as "surface to structure deep scanning"of Port Larren station. No success was met with communicating with the vessels others than faint signal of unknown origin. Finally a order was given to eliminate them due to the unknown origin on to what structure scanned that they gathered where to be used as. They did not engage back but all three was not eliminated and one escaped the engagement no sign of the vessels could be found and from the remaining wreckage nothing useful could be salvaged other than alloys that now I have been sent for analysis.

This is the second day that this kind of behavior has been sited in I-MGAB and Fourth District Military Command has stepped up its presence in I-MGAB.

Undentified Structure in I-MGAB


An unidentified structure was today reported and observed in solar system of I-MGAB. The structure, as seen below, is limited visual and distort light around it. A beacon where transmitting a signal out from the area that was intercepted by a resident capusleer. We also know now that the signal was received at the colony on Ayem and that finding of the signal has been forward to the the colony research team.

Astero Pilot Alexander Corvinus was able to take some pictures and a distorted video uptake of the encounter, as seen below.

Astero pilot Alexander Corvinus making close observations of the Structure. No scans was able to penetrate it so its still uncertain on what is was.

A short time after the initial observation a group of unknown drones  type "Circadian Seekers" entered the area of space.

They started to scan the beacon that still transmitted a signal and then continued on to the structure. The left as quickly as the came,  unknown on to what they where doing or why.

The findings on this structure has been forward ot Fourth District Leadership for further analysis of the findings.

"I died" - Short Story

A sudden flash of neutrons made her eyes move rapidly. “she is waking up now doctor” a white-yellow silhouette was for Keina a confusing and incomprehensive blur. She could barely make out anything, her eyes had never been used before and could not yet balance the massive overload of information that the revival introduced. The sudden rush of information was painful and the bright unfocused room did not yet make sense. “Take is easy sir, we just woke you up” Keina continued to receive information from sounds and light around her, everything from biological canister to metallic electric machinery. “follow the light please” the male voice was talking to her in a short direct tone. “Good, you are getting your reflexes back quickly, please inform them that the revival of the clone was a success, now inject her with with a double dose, she needs to get back in the fight.” the male voice got louder and yet again was directed to her
“Look, we need to inject you with a double dose that will wake you up faster, you are needed outside, the defense is going bad, really bad. You will feel like shit later tonight”. The last second of information and the dose they gave her woke her up “Shit I died” Keina yelled.

The State falls short in the research "race" for new technology


Earlier this month the empire called out for capsuleer assistance to acquire sleeper technology to address research that was being conducted by the Sisters of EVE. The earlier rapports put the State on forefront in the "race" but the State fall short as both Amarr empire and the Minmatar republic managed to acquire more sleeper technology. This puts the State technological advancement back in its technology compared to both Amarr and the Minmtar.

Fourth District did support the State with technology that was at their disposable but it was clearly not enough."Wish we could have done more, this will halt our technological advantage, but we will catch up soon enough" Says Demion Samenel, Diplomatic liaison for Fourth District.

Ayem colony receives new colonists


Ayem colony that was founded a bit over a year ago continues to grow and receives new colonists that has granted permission from Fourth District personal on the "Port Larren" station in the solar system. District News can now report that the colony now has an population of 70 000, with a wide range of work force. Many of them comes form the Aurora Arcology Project that provides new colonists from Empire Space, the CEO of the Project Jandice Ymladris is a part of the ongoing project to provide a secure colony in Fourth District, while Mrs.Ymladris provides with transport from all over empire spaces, Fourth District provide security in I-MGAB solar system. Mrs Ymladris is confident that the goal to have 100 000 colonists by the end of the year is a reachable goal, so is spokesperson for the Fouth District Demion Samenel.

What is new this wave of colonist is also a new planet specific genetically enhanced livestock that will provide a better suitable livestock for the planets climate. This is just one of many progress that has been made over the last month. By the end of the year we all hope to see a stable colony on the planet.

You can read more public news about The Aurora Project here.

CAIN members are awarded Providence Campaign Medal


The Providence Campaign Medal is awarded to those who have served the Fourth District and been an active participant in the defense of friendly assets in the Providence theatre.

In a open correspondence to the officers of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve it was made public that many of the corporations pilots will receive reignition for their accomplishment over last years here in Providence. Spokesperson from CAIN Demion Samenel sums it up in a few words.
"It has not been without difficulties of course to turn this hinterland of null-sec into something more is a hard task, but it has not been achieved without the daily efforts of our pilots, we will continue to support anyone that wishes to make a mark for themselves in the District"
Following messages was sent out to the corporation of CAIN.

Fellow officers of CAIN,

In just a few days, we will be celebrating our third year here in Providence; on YC 113.6.21, we took control of the I-MGAB station and soon after, the entire constellation, establishing an outpost of the Caldari State and its values here in the hinterlands of nullsec. Since that time, we have worked closely with the other Holders and inhabitants of the region, and on many occasions we have show that we are one of the lynchpins of Providence defense. In recognition of your accomplishments, the CINC of CAIN has ordered the issuance of a Providence Campaign Medal to those of you who have been an active part of the development of the Fourth District during our time here.

The criteria and recipients are as follows:
The Providence Campaign Medal shall be awarded to those who have served the Fourth District and been an active participant in the defense of friendly assets in the Providence theatre. In order to be awarded this medal, a recipient must:

* Have served in the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve within the Providence theatre of operations for more than 365 consecutive days or a total of 730 nonconsecutive days, for no single period less than 180 days.

* Have participated in the defense of Fourth District sovereignty in either the defense of 3D-CQU against the Scapegoats in YC 113 or the allied defense operation of the super capital shipyard in I-MGAB in YC 115, or in any similar defense operation in the future.

Following pilots will be rewarded for their effort:
ADM. Ladel Teravada
ADM. Trony
VADM.Van Cleef
CAP. Tyyne Kerttu
CMDR. Demion Samenel
CMDR. Ellyra
CMDR. Svetlana Scarlet
LTCMDR. Hurs Sokira
LTCMDR. Lord Shrewsberry
LT. Calder dk
LT. Cyirak
LT. Karl Ambacher
LT. Maximus Mordel
LT. Nidia Masters
LT. prinsloo
LT. Turelus
LT. Vraal Sathari
LT. Xissit
LTJG. Alexande Sarend
LTJG. Call Rollard
LTJG. Horgaasht
LTJG. Pesro Montales
LTJG. Shun Makoto
LTJG. Sillanda Kachira
MID. Balnook
MID. Gerowien Sunrunner

Commander Demion Samenel
Command Staff

CAIN officers receive the Caldari Prime Defense Ribbon

The Caldari Prime Defense Ribbon is awarded to members of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve for their active service in the defense of the Navy Titan Shiigeru over Caldari Prime, and the defense of relief efforts from Ishukone Corporation to Caldari Prime, between YC 115.3.22 and 115.3.29.

"Fellow Officers of CAIN

Over a year ago we The Fourth District assisted the Caldari Navy with military aid during the conflict that lead up to the destruction of the Navy Titan Shiigeru, we did what we could do to defend the Titan and was drawn into a conflict that could escalate into a full blown war. But it didn't, Ishukone Corporation took the opportunity to provide aid to rebuild the damaged planet. And quit recently in the news the city of Arcurio is under the administration of Ishukone. We have pledge to defend the Caldari way of life where we can and this was a call from the State Navy and the CEP, which we responded to. That is way we now have decided to award those of CAIN that have made an active and honorable contribution to this organization and during the one week deplyoment.

For their honorable military service in the defense of the Navy Titan Shiigeru over Caldari Prime, and for the defense of relief efforts from Ishukone Corporation to Caldari Prime between the dates 115.3.22 - 115.2.29, following officers will be rewarded the Caldari Prime Defense Ribbon."

Admiral Ladel Teravada
Captain Tyyne Kerttu
Commander Demion Samenel
Lieutenant Commander Shrewsberry
Lieutenant Nidia Masters
Lieutenant Turelus
Lieutenant Calder dk
Lieutenant prinsloo
Lieutenant Junior Grade Shun Makoto

Commander Demion Samenel
Command Staff of CAIN

A Summer of Industry in the District


This summer, industry is being shaken up with multiple changes impacting industry across the cluster. High-sec industrialist are lamenting the "gross" advantages that null-sec will have and the resulting exodus of their labors to inaccessible null (despite the data).

Providence and the District are however not inaccessible to neutrals and Providence friendly entities (check your KOS status here). For the frontier industrialist, the District offers access to all four Outpost variants and Providence's leading market hub (F-YH5B) within 4-jumps, all with offices available. While exact details from the upgrade team remain vague, an initial estimate is that District teams and facilities will cost the capsuleer industrialist less than 1% the cost of the end-item.

The District's Outposts are at various stages of upgrade, enabling the District to optimize much of our future infrastructure based on how the changes pan out. These facilities already compete with starbase based facilities in terms of costs. While the fuel cost for a starbase will run at a minimum 100m ISK/month, office rentals in the District are only 50M ISK/month.

In addition, the District has a policy in place for interested individuals and corporations to establish Planetary Colonies throughout the District. As the local infrastructure, mining, and industrial markets mature, opportunities in the ongoing development of the District will also increase.

"Engine trails" - Short Story

CNR Procella, the Golem-class battleship slipped from the Kaalakiota station’s dock. The powerful engine clusters lit, and slowly accelerated the capsuleer's ship away. Throughout the halls, overhead speakers kick on, announcing to the crew, "Prepare for warp, load missiles". Hakato Mizuki willed his ship to a new vector, and started to spool up the warp drives. Once at full power, the ship momentarily stopped before being launched into warp. A flicker of light played off the ship's hull as the shield generators kicked on, the energy shimmering across the various windows. It shuddered from deceleration and offered a last minute of peace for the crew before missiles start to fly from their rails. A single technician, responsible for the Launcher #1, shuddered at the thought of death. The capsuleer simply smiled.

Ayem colony receives its first new inhabitants


Just yesterday District News Service received the information that the negotiation between Fourth District and the Aurora Arcology thats started last year has been set in motion. Shortly we will se the first part of a 4 stages plan to increase the population on Ayem in I-MGAB with 10 000 new colonists. This will hopefully bring prosperity and a more life full activity in the solar system. The goal is at the end of the year the colony will host a population of 100 000 inhabitants, with a full function social system and a well developed economy.

DNS have included the official report form Aurora Arcology CEO Jandice Ylmadris below.

We hope that we soon will have a "on site" report on the ongoing work.

We wish Fourth District and Aurora Arcology all the best, safe winds and good luck.


After months of negotiations, a development plan for the expansion of the Ayem colony has been agreed on by 4TH District & Aurora Arcology. The old plan proposed a few months ago has been altered slightly (Datafile: Future development of Ayem Colony)
The development will happen in 4 phases. The first phase will focus on expanding existing colony infrastructure & build additional infrastructure as well. In this phase a large group of workmen will be sent down to assure rapid development. Once this is done, the second phase will start which focuses on expanding the colony population by moving willing citizens from the Arcology project to the Ayem colony.
Approximately 30.000 or more colonists will arrive during this phase, reinforcing the existing population & operate the new facilities established. Phases 3 & 4 will focus on the full integration of the additional colonists & solidify the future of the colony & it's population

The first new arrivals!

The recent report of 4TH District official Demion Samenel revealed something good concerning the current colony. It turns out there's more original settlers than expected. The total original population is now estimated around 20.000! This is good news as this means more local workers can be recruited for the Ayem colony expansion.

The first 5.000 workers from Aurora Arcology have recently arrived and 5.000 more will be expected to join them in the coming week. After they are settled in the workcamp, their first focus will be expanding the subterranean sections of the colony. This is required as the planet is very mountainous, hence flat land is rare and reserved for agriculture.
Once the subterranean sections are ready, the workers will focus on expanding the various industries and increase food production.
This will be achieved by prospecting for ore deposits & other resources to be used in the upcoming factories that will support the local economy & population. Enhancing food production will be done by expanding the farms & import additional livestock. Increasing the size of the fishing fleet will also be looked into

During this month, buy orders for Livestock, Robotics & Construction Blocks will appear in the I-MGAB system, allowing capsuleers to help out by supplying materials.

What will the near future bring?

Once the initial infrastructure expansion is done, the way is free for the first large waves of immigrants. It is expected that the colony will be able to support a population double it's size once phase 1 is over.
Plans are also drawn up to send the first security detachments with these arrivals to guarantee their safety, but also to combat crime. Negotiations with 4TH District concering these security forces are in a final phase and no problems are expected.

For those who like to assist, you can! 4TH District looks for additional corporations to develop their planets. Additional PI deployments on planet Ayem ( I-MGAB II)will help in boosting the local economy, attracting more settlers & increasing revenue, allowing the colony to expand further.

New station built in 18XA-C solar system


The new station, named "The Kin Factory" was constructed around the seventh planet in the solar system. The station received its "go ahead" and the green light on the 11.2.22 at 11.08 hours to open its docking doors.

The official naming ceremony was held 2 days ago were members of the alliance was invited to celebrated the ceremony, a special fleet of capital and sub-capital fleet stayed undocked and was equipped with firework charges to commemorate the occasion.

A capital fleet of chimera and Archon carriers together with a Phoenix dreadnought can be seen together with a small sub-capital fleet of 4TH District. Firework charges illuminated the stations hull as the celebration continued.

The newly constructed station was a long time project that was under the supervision and major contractors of Ubuntu Inc. The corporation used several sub-contractors and other members of Fourth District industrial capabilities to make the time schedule. Ubuntu has the largest time invested in the project and is the major contributors to the build.
"We are very proud of what we have achieved together, its not a easy task to created something that hopefully will last for a long time and bring safety to the region. The name "The Kin Factory" will be a dedication to all of those in Ubuntu that made this happen, and its also a recognition of our corp where we are all kin." Ubuntu´s CEO Gothmog.
The station will be under the supervision and control of Ubuntu for the time being, to ensure that the station runs smoothly, it will then be handed over to the Allied Council after that over to the Allied Investment and Holdings LLC corporation, that runs all the assets of Fourth District. After that it will fall under the jurisdiction of the Fourth District, as with all stations under the Districts control.

New Development plans for Ayem colony


Today District News Service received a message that Ayem colony in I-MGAB solar system will be granted new development plans during the year to come. This is after an agreement between Fourth District and the Aurora Arcology CEO Jandice Ylmadris that was made last year. According to the board of directors of the Infrastructure development corporation of the alliance Fourth Infrastructure investment Ltd. Mrs. Ylmadris will be allowed to install a Planetary Administration Center to facilitate the new colonists before they are integrated into new settlements. From there they will be relocated to new parts of the colony still under construction. "Still are much to be decided" a spokesperson tells the DNS "We need to decided on how many that will be relocated from the Aurora Arcology to the planet on the first stage, and we predict it will be 4 stages of relocating process in total. This need to be done in a safe manner, but if successful, we can truly see a self sustained colony on Ayem. Today we have around 20 000 workers, scientists, military personnel and their families on the planet, and work is continuing to improve the living qualities on the planet."

The development plan will continue during this year and goal is to slowly increase the inhabitants of the colony on the planet. "We have set a 4 staged relocation program that is to increase the total colonists from 20 000 up to 100 000 colonists. This will however not only include scientists, engineers, workers and military personnel, it will also include civilians trying to make a new home for themselves. They will be subjected to same laws as the rest of the Fourth District as we believe in a strong Caldari way of life and values, for some it might be some new things to take in consideration. They will become Fourth District citizens under the jurisdiction of Ayem colony board of development and the Auroura Arcology that both falls under the board of directors of Fourth Infrastructure investment Ltd. And if they want to work for any to corporation within the Fourth District it will then fall under their jurisdiction. The Office of Foreign Affairs will have a seat on the colony board and will function as a adviser for the joint project" Demion Samenel says to DNS.

This is just the first of many steps to develop a true settlement on the planet of Ayem. We will as always continue monitoring the development.

Fourth District Planetary Custom Office saved from an attack


One of Fourth District planetary custom office was attacked four days ago on the 10th. This was done by a local organisation in the area with known affiliations with hostile forces to 4TH District the Adeptus Assassinorum. The orbital infrastructure automatically sent out an distress signal when it came under attack and continued to do so until the structure got to reinforcement mode. The executive corporation of the alliance Allied Investment and Holdings LCC received the broadcast, and responded by inform the Alliance Military Advisory Board [MAB] about the attack, few hours later a call for defence was issued form the MAB were orders were to assemble its forces and organize a defense.

The Infrastructure could only hold its reinforcement mode for 24 hours, so the alliance had plenty of time to assemble the defensive fleet before that time ended. A request for capital use was also issued along side with the standard defensive fleet order, 4TH forces was issued two Chimera-class carriers from MAB and were to be piloted by members of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve. Both pilots was going in at the same time to be able to repair the damaged infrastructure as quick as possible. At 19.00 the fleet set out to different tactical solar systems and slowly made its way to the target destination. Seconds before the infrastructure around the planet came out of its reinforcement mode, our carrier pilots jumped in and started to work on the planetary office structure. It came soon to the fleets attention, as intel was coming in from fleet scouts ships that the aggressors had brought in friends, two members of Pandemic Legion was spotted in system. A few attacks was made on the carrier but nothing was taken as a serious threat at this moment. Twenty minutes in on the repairs a cynofield was spotted and a fleet of hostile battleship jumped in and started to target both carriers, these came from the aggressors corporation and close allies, the defensive fleet commanding officer ordered the fleet to jump in to system as soon as our own cynofield was given green light. 4TH forces quickly dispersed the attackers and took defensive position around the infrastructure and both carriers. The repairs could continue interrupted for a long time, and Fourth forces made use of this time to patrol the solar system and put pressure on the hostiles, most of them had taken refuge in the systems only station. The fleet commander gave order to one of the carrier pilot to jump back to District space positive that the rest of the repairs could do be finished with only one carrier. With less the half the repairer's done, the other carrier pilot gave intel that a new cynofield had open on top of the carrier, quickly 4TH forces initiated fleet warp and landed as soon as a fleet of six super carrier with the marks of Pandemic Legion had jumped in. 4TH forces started to target one of the Nyx-class supercarrier, meantime the alliance carrier went down quickly under the heavy firepower from the hostiles super carriers. The battleship fleet of 4TH District slowly started to eat through the armor of the Nyx, rest of the defensive fleet was informed that a large support wing from allied forces was on its way, but at this point more supercarriers and archon-class carriers was jumping in when more of PL´s cynos went up, and it became impossible to take down the Nyx supercarrier, what the targeting system showed at half armor.

A camera drone took these images were the wreckage of the 4TH Chimera can be seen.

The Fourth District forces was quickly reduced under the heavy fire from both supercarriers and carries of Pandemic Legion. Orders came from fleet-command to enter warp when possible and return to home system. Even if hostile forces brought in a much larger fleet to take down one carrier from 4TH, the planetary infrastructure was saved and repaired until the internal system came back online.

The low security systems close to Providence has just recently come under development from the Fourth District, and is meant to bring increased revenues from planetary custom tax. Fourth District has invested considered interest in the regions close to Providence and will do what is necessary to defend its assets from hostile forces.

"I would like to point out that with this much hostile forces and with a capsuleer alliance such as Pandemic Legion who has no problem to field a large amount of firepower, one must understand the total cost to defend such instillation in the future, but I will also make it clear that we have no intention to bend over and not respond to any attacks on our infrastructure. I´m aware of Pandemic Legion´s quick response time when they have the opportunity to attack other capital ships, and we will continue to monitor hostile movement in the region. If we get attacked again, we will be more prepared to assess any situation, we will not give the Legion more opportunity to attack our capital so easily. We all know that the Legion have a "nack" to attack lesser target and show their full prowess whenever possible. I can only think that we must have made a dent in their first Nyx, at least enough to make them worry if they lose to a lesser equipped force. That's all for now." - Commander Demion Samenel

"Thoughts" - Short Story

I have not put so much thoughts into my past life since I became a capsuleer. I mean, why should I? The gap between an immortal capsuleer and a ordinary “baseline” is growing each time I come back to any place that is familiar to me. I must have "died" dozens of times by now and the only thing that is me, was me, is billions of neurons which instantly is uploaded into a new clone when it receives the signal that I´m "dead". My new body is just a shell of nerves, flesh and muscles and each time I die it takes me a few seconds to realize that I am alive again. And on top of that I feel more a custom to the regulations of capsuleers movements in the State when I travel, as the gap was not wide enough. A lot has happen over the years and more will sure follow in its wake. I don’t know if anyone is ready at all, it seems more and more everything involving us capsuleers is driven by conflict rather than cooperation amongst each other, so it seems at least, maybe I have seen too much of conflict and to little of cooperation, maybe the future will change or maybe it will not, who knows.

One thing Im sure of, this is what I am now.

The Fourth District Announces Limited Deployment to Aulari


With a recent rise in criminal activity in the Aulari constellation by several rival organizations that threaten their assets and activities, the Servant Sisters of Eve have petitioned the Chief Executive Panel for additional defense assets to be relocated to the area to deal with the menace. With recommendations from the CEP, the Sisters of Eve have turned to elements of the Fourth District for assistance to the Osmon star system.

Always looking to offer aid and support to State assets, the Fourth District has deployed a battleship squadron to interdict the movements of pirate factions.

"We actually deployed several weeks ago," says Lieutenant Junior Grade Nidia Masters, Commodore of the detached squadron, "but we were interrupted by a CONCORD-sanctioned war that those (expletive deleted) in the CEP were unwilling to have nullified, so we waited it out. Each of these battleships is worth as much as a cruiser squadron, so we are not going to deploy them with hostile capsuleers in the area"

Due to the hostile forces and their disposition being unknown, Commodore Masters cannot give a firm estimate to the operation's time frame other than "a couple of weeks".
"I have done these deployments before over the years and the ability to mas produce and train new ships and crews by groups like the Serpentis Corporation and the Angel Cartel frightens me, " she reports, "but our kind has the advantage of endurance. Attrition will overwhelm the enemy's war machine."

Commodore Masters has stated that the Fourth District's military presence will continue at a reduced rate for some time, and that the Servant Sisters of Eve have been contractually bound to a significant compensation scheme for deployed officers.

Commodore of the Fleet, LTJG Nidia Masters

With additional private military contractors being deployed to the area by the Caldari State and the Sisters of Eve, criminal organizations will have a significantly more difficult time gaining a foothold so close to the Caldari core worlds.

"Too Late" - Short Story

He arrived too late.

The urgent summons from the agent, and even more urgent request to hurry to the ambush site had done nothing to save the crew of the two convoy ships. He passed under their blackened hulls, a profound sense of disquiet filling him as he navigated through the debris and the remains that had once been the ship’s crew. He shut off the synthesizers - a moment of silence the only gesture he could offer - and set his ship on a course back to the agent's station. It would not be good news he would bear.