Fourth District Planetary Custom Office saved from an attack


One of Fourth District planetary custom office was attacked four days ago on the 10th. This was done by a local organisation in the area with known affiliations with hostile forces to 4TH District the Adeptus Assassinorum. The orbital infrastructure automatically sent out an distress signal when it came under attack and continued to do so until the structure got to reinforcement mode. The executive corporation of the alliance Allied Investment and Holdings LCC received the broadcast, and responded by inform the Alliance Military Advisory Board [MAB] about the attack, few hours later a call for defence was issued form the MAB were orders were to assemble its forces and organize a defense.

The Infrastructure could only hold its reinforcement mode for 24 hours, so the alliance had plenty of time to assemble the defensive fleet before that time ended. A request for capital use was also issued along side with the standard defensive fleet order, 4TH forces was issued two Chimera-class carriers from MAB and were to be piloted by members of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve. Both pilots was going in at the same time to be able to repair the damaged infrastructure as quick as possible. At 19.00 the fleet set out to different tactical solar systems and slowly made its way to the target destination. Seconds before the infrastructure around the planet came out of its reinforcement mode, our carrier pilots jumped in and started to work on the planetary office structure. It came soon to the fleets attention, as intel was coming in from fleet scouts ships that the aggressors had brought in friends, two members of Pandemic Legion was spotted in system. A few attacks was made on the carrier but nothing was taken as a serious threat at this moment. Twenty minutes in on the repairs a cynofield was spotted and a fleet of hostile battleship jumped in and started to target both carriers, these came from the aggressors corporation and close allies, the defensive fleet commanding officer ordered the fleet to jump in to system as soon as our own cynofield was given green light. 4TH forces quickly dispersed the attackers and took defensive position around the infrastructure and both carriers. The repairs could continue interrupted for a long time, and Fourth forces made use of this time to patrol the solar system and put pressure on the hostiles, most of them had taken refuge in the systems only station. The fleet commander gave order to one of the carrier pilot to jump back to District space positive that the rest of the repairs could do be finished with only one carrier. With less the half the repairer's done, the other carrier pilot gave intel that a new cynofield had open on top of the carrier, quickly 4TH forces initiated fleet warp and landed as soon as a fleet of six super carrier with the marks of Pandemic Legion had jumped in. 4TH forces started to target one of the Nyx-class supercarrier, meantime the alliance carrier went down quickly under the heavy firepower from the hostiles super carriers. The battleship fleet of 4TH District slowly started to eat through the armor of the Nyx, rest of the defensive fleet was informed that a large support wing from allied forces was on its way, but at this point more supercarriers and archon-class carriers was jumping in when more of PL´s cynos went up, and it became impossible to take down the Nyx supercarrier, what the targeting system showed at half armor.

A camera drone took these images were the wreckage of the 4TH Chimera can be seen.

The Fourth District forces was quickly reduced under the heavy fire from both supercarriers and carries of Pandemic Legion. Orders came from fleet-command to enter warp when possible and return to home system. Even if hostile forces brought in a much larger fleet to take down one carrier from 4TH, the planetary infrastructure was saved and repaired until the internal system came back online.

The low security systems close to Providence has just recently come under development from the Fourth District, and is meant to bring increased revenues from planetary custom tax. Fourth District has invested considered interest in the regions close to Providence and will do what is necessary to defend its assets from hostile forces.

"I would like to point out that with this much hostile forces and with a capsuleer alliance such as Pandemic Legion who has no problem to field a large amount of firepower, one must understand the total cost to defend such instillation in the future, but I will also make it clear that we have no intention to bend over and not respond to any attacks on our infrastructure. I´m aware of Pandemic Legion´s quick response time when they have the opportunity to attack other capital ships, and we will continue to monitor hostile movement in the region. If we get attacked again, we will be more prepared to assess any situation, we will not give the Legion more opportunity to attack our capital so easily. We all know that the Legion have a "nack" to attack lesser target and show their full prowess whenever possible. I can only think that we must have made a dent in their first Nyx, at least enough to make them worry if they lose to a lesser equipped force. That's all for now." - Commander Demion Samenel