"Thoughts" - Short Story

I have not put so much thoughts into my past life since I became a capsuleer. I mean, why should I? The gap between an immortal capsuleer and a ordinary “baseline” is growing each time I come back to any place that is familiar to me. I must have "died" dozens of times by now and the only thing that is me, was me, is billions of neurons which instantly is uploaded into a new clone when it receives the signal that I´m "dead". My new body is just a shell of nerves, flesh and muscles and each time I die it takes me a few seconds to realize that I am alive again. And on top of that I feel more a custom to the regulations of capsuleers movements in the State when I travel, as the gap was not wide enough. A lot has happen over the years and more will sure follow in its wake. I don’t know if anyone is ready at all, it seems more and more everything involving us capsuleers is driven by conflict rather than cooperation amongst each other, so it seems at least, maybe I have seen too much of conflict and to little of cooperation, maybe the future will change or maybe it will not, who knows.

One thing Im sure of, this is what I am now.