Ayem colony receives new colonists


Ayem colony that was founded a bit over a year ago continues to grow and receives new colonists that has granted permission from Fourth District personal on the "Port Larren" station in the solar system. District News can now report that the colony now has an population of 70 000, with a wide range of work force. Many of them comes form the Aurora Arcology Project that provides new colonists from Empire Space, the CEO of the Project Jandice Ymladris is a part of the ongoing project to provide a secure colony in Fourth District, while Mrs.Ymladris provides with transport from all over empire spaces, Fourth District provide security in I-MGAB solar system. Mrs Ymladris is confident that the goal to have 100 000 colonists by the end of the year is a reachable goal, so is spokesperson for the Fouth District Demion Samenel.

What is new this wave of colonist is also a new planet specific genetically enhanced livestock that will provide a better suitable livestock for the planets climate. This is just one of many progress that has been made over the last month. By the end of the year we all hope to see a stable colony on the planet.

You can read more public news about The Aurora Project here.