A Summer of Industry in the District


This summer, industry is being shaken up with multiple changes impacting industry across the cluster. High-sec industrialist are lamenting the "gross" advantages that null-sec will have and the resulting exodus of their labors to inaccessible null (despite the data).

Providence and the District are however not inaccessible to neutrals and Providence friendly entities (check your KOS status here). For the frontier industrialist, the District offers access to all four Outpost variants and Providence's leading market hub (F-YH5B) within 4-jumps, all with offices available. While exact details from the upgrade team remain vague, an initial estimate is that District teams and facilities will cost the capsuleer industrialist less than 1% the cost of the end-item.

The District's Outposts are at various stages of upgrade, enabling the District to optimize much of our future infrastructure based on how the changes pan out. These facilities already compete with starbase based facilities in terms of costs. While the fuel cost for a starbase will run at a minimum 100m ISK/month, office rentals in the District are only 50M ISK/month.

In addition, the District has a policy in place for interested individuals and corporations to establish Planetary Colonies throughout the District. As the local infrastructure, mining, and industrial markets mature, opportunities in the ongoing development of the District will also increase.