Fourth District lends its assistance to the Chief Executive Panel


Late last night, a fleet from Fourth District under the command of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve left The District to Malkalen solar system, to give its support to the Chief Executive Panel, who had been contacted earlier by the Isukone Corporation for an humanitarian mission to Caldari Prime. The goal was to escort 4 Rhea freighters to the system of Luminaire, were it would be contacted and escorted at the border by the Federation Navy.

Fourth District fleet took every precaution, and moved a fleet of 26 capsuleer pilots. Attack battle cruisers and logistics with recon ECM and warp disruptor recon ships made up the Fourth escort group. Acting Fleet Commander Nidia Masters was coordinating with other capsuleer organizations to make sure that the route was coordinated and as efficient as possible, this included also Federation capsuleer presence whom had been contacted by its government to lend its support for the escort. These were the same capsuleers that lend its support to shot down the Caldari titan last Friday. Words from the commanding officers of CAIN, the talk was short and to the point, with very little small talk. This was no pleasure cruise, it was a mission to secure that aid could come to those affected but the devastating crash of the titan.

The escort was not without incidents, closing in midways to Luminaire, Ishukone got information of a ambush of a Goonswarm terrorist group in Uedama solar system. That triggered both Gallente and State loyal forces, scouts reported the systems gates clear, but a long waiting for Intel from Ishukone made many nervous. Finally orders came from acting Fleet Commander Nidia Masters that District fleet would head without delay to Seyllin system, and to clear out and hold that system to any cost. The rhea freighters jumped then to the gate that Fourth District forces was guarding and continued to Luminaire. In Luminaire Federation Navy took control of the freighters and continued to escort it to station. Many of the CAIN pilots did not stay for long in Federation space. Many have fought a long war with the Federation and are considered criminals due to that. Federation Navy, did take down Falcon pilot "Lord" Shrewsberry. But because of the nature of his mission to Federation controlled space not was with hostile intent, he was released short after.

The Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, was happy to lend it support to the Chief Executive Panel, and hopes this will foster continued good relations with the State and the CEP.

Fourth District also thanks those capsuleer organisations that help with the effort in great extent; Ishuk-Raata Enforcment Directive, Pyre Falcone Defence Combine, Wiyrkomi Tactical Response Directive, Lai Dai Reseach Spacelane Security and others.

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The Aftermath


After the dust settled, after the days of clashes between Caldari and Federation ground force around the city of Arcurio, there is a chilling silence. From space one can gaze upon the tremendous devastation that Leviathan class titan has inflicted on the ground of Caldari Prime. A silence swept trough the State, when many asked themselves what will happens next? The silence was dwarfed in comparison to the cheering of Gallente federation citizen that celebrated the destruction of the Titan. Only after a few days the silence was broken and Ishukone Corporation the initiative and open negotiation with the Federation senate, to be allowed to send supplies to the Caldari on the planet.

Places in the Fourth District - Alliance production station "Kimotoro Dreams"


The station CNO Kimotoro Dreams, named after the alliance Kimotoro Directive, which was a second attempt of a Caldari capsuleer alliance. It lasted sadly not more than a few months back in YC 108, but the dream of a Caldari alliance never went away, and today it resides within the Fourth District. The station, of an Amarrian design, so suitable named is a factory outpost and fits with the idea of “building of a Caldari alliance” so well. It hosts the second smallest population of the outposts in the District, with just a few hundred thousand employees and their families.

The station is today the main production hub of the District, and its increased production lines has come to much use, both supplying the District with variety of ships and modules and the region at large, making it one of the most primed stations around the region. Attracting capsuleers from every corner of Providence. It is placed over a large gas planet in 3D-CQU solar system, providing a large quantity of different gases.

Fourth District corporation Lai Dai Infinity Systems has made the station its prime production hub, providing only the best of T2 modules, systems and ships. If you are interested to help the development of the District, this station is a great way to do so.

New combat video of 4TH


Two fleet engagement, one in B-3QPD system against a larger fleet of Naga battle cruisers from The Initiative alliance, and second engagement was against Exodus. in 9UY4-H system. Fleet commander Ladel Teravada had command of a District fleet of 20 pilots in close ranged Talos battle cruisers.

The Fight for Caldari Prime


It has been confirmed both by The Fourth District observers and 4TH combat task force in Luminaire that the Leviathan class titan Shiigeru in orbit of Caldari prime has been destroyed. Right after the incident which sparked the battle around Caldari prime, cluster wide news broadcast was intercepted.

"BREAKING NEWS – It has been confirmed in the last ten minutes that a large section of the Shiigeru’s superstructure has made impact with the southern tip of the Kaalakiota mountain range, approximately 700 kilometers west of the city of Arcurio.
All contact has been lost with the surface of Caldari Prime for the third time today, after an electromagnetic surge caused by the impact destroyed communications equipment and additionally destabilized the shields of several vessels in low orbit.
The last holoreel recordings to be transmitted from the surface display a superheated trail of burning wreckage thousands of kilometers in length that tore across the sky above Arcurio. Reports coming in from the surface of the planet at the time suggested the remains of the Shiigeru had begun to break up before impact, with the concussion wave as it passed over the city causing widespread cosmetic damage to most structures, and the collapse of several high-rise buildings in the central business district.
The situation on the surface of Caldari Prime remains unclear at present, due to massive atmospheric distortion and a dust cloud that covers several hundred thousand square kilometers, obscuring the entire city of Arcurio and most of the southern Kaalakiota Mountains.
Both CONCORD and Federation Navy Commander Anteson Ranchel have issued orders against any vessels attempting an approach on Caldari Prime. The office of press for the Federation Navy has declared Caldari Prime a Federal disaster zone as the battle for orbital superiority continues."

Camera drone captured part of the large Federation capital fleet engaging Navy forces.

According to our Navy sources STPRO soldiers is still fighting on the ground in the outskirts of the city of Arcurio, no official reports has been made about its progress as no communication exist with the surface.

The Fourth District had earlier been aware of an escalating tension in Luminaire system. A small team of observers was sent to the system to assess the situation and make contact with any Navy command present. As time grow orders was given to also send a small Districts force, primary Naga battle cruisers with support. It was clear that in the afternoon a diplomatic solution was out of the airlock, when Titan pilot Visera Yalana open fire on a DED vessel.

Many thoughts will go this day to the people on the planet. No comments has been issued from the Fourth leadership or its diplomatic staff on what will happen after the fighting settled. It might be too early to tell as fighting is still ongoing.

Caldari Prime


The last couple of days, The District has been reached with news of the escalating hostilities on our homeworld. And just few days ago, the titan class Leviathan Shiigeru was manned by Admiral Visera Yanala. A Navy admiral with along history of service in the Navy, and also a strong supporter of the Heth regime.

Today, this morning, State executor Heth also mentioned that the Titan will be brought closer to the surface of the planet to be able to fire support on any hostile groups on the ground.

A small task force and observers has been sent out from the District to Luminaire system. They will asses the situation and offer any help to the Navy, if its deemed necesseray and only open fire if fired upon. If the situation require it, the District task force will engage hostiles that wishes to destroy State proberty or civilian targets.

This picture was taking this morning above the Caldari homeworld, with the titan and support around the area.

Places in the Fourth District - Alliance headquarter "Trony´s Undockramp and Market"


3KB-J0 is the Fourth District headquarter, place of the Alliance Council, the CINC of CAIN and the constellations main market hub. The large structure hosts the main population of the District, both capsuleers and its non-capsuleer citizens, making it a meeting point for all who visits the District. Most of the population works as docking workers, service and administrative personnel, communication specialists and security details.

The station has a range of offices for corporations, market venues, living quarters and recreational areas. One of the different places to visit is the Yakiya Garden, high up in the station. It’s a mixed caldari designed garden for anyone to use when visiting the station. An attempt to bring bits of Caldari out to the District.

The name of the station, “Trony´s Undockramp and Market”, was given to the former vice Admiral Trony for his long history of “cleaning up” undock from hostiles that tried to make a quick getaway. Now since he was promoted to full admiral, he enjoys watching the undock higher up in the station from his office of the CINC and as alliance executor.

Places in the Fourth District - Research station "Port Larren"


The research station "Port Larren" is situated over planet VI in the I-MGAB solar system, a magmatic planet which supplies the planetary developers with different kind of metals, plasma and crystallites. It is a caldari designed research station, and so, its inhabitants and workers regulate the flow of projects that is issued by the alliance members and other consumers.

Today the station is upgraded with larger assembly halls, more up to date project facilities with a higher output ratio for advanced technology. Making it a valuable asset for the continued development of the District.

It is also in Port Larren were you will find the "Heron conference room” were most of the industrial and research discussions are taking place.

To commemorate the only caldari station in the District, it was named Port Larren after the founder of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, Dev Larren.

New combat video of 4TH


New combat video from 4TH District patrol on date 13th of March. Acting fleet commander Aerius Alerik and Alliance Admiral Ladel Teravada engaged a cruiser fleet of Spaceship Samurai in SV5-8N with a combat fleet of 25 pilots.

Constellation development


As of yesterday, the office of Fourth Infrastructure investment Ltd. announced that the constellation of Q-6GL1, known as The Fourth District, now supports the full spectrum of Alliance planetary development. This was the result of the extensive planning over the last year. All planetary custom offices are now under the Alliance control and can support The Districts citizens and consumers with their low export taxes.

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Writing contest


The first alliance writing contest is underway with nice prizes to be had!

First prize is a Cynabal cruiser and ISK.

The rules are quite simple, write a short story between 2000-4000 words with the Fourth District and EVE universe as frame.

The contest is finished 31th of March and after that a winner will be named. All of the short stories will be published here in the news feed.

I would also thank those who sponsored this competition:

Jessica Danikov of Ubuntu
Marcus Griffin of Black Phoenix Legion
Intex Encapor

Demion Samenel
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