New station built in 18XA-C solar system


The new station, named "The Kin Factory" was constructed around the seventh planet in the solar system. The station received its "go ahead" and the green light on the 11.2.22 at 11.08 hours to open its docking doors.

The official naming ceremony was held 2 days ago were members of the alliance was invited to celebrated the ceremony, a special fleet of capital and sub-capital fleet stayed undocked and was equipped with firework charges to commemorate the occasion.

A capital fleet of chimera and Archon carriers together with a Phoenix dreadnought can be seen together with a small sub-capital fleet of 4TH District. Firework charges illuminated the stations hull as the celebration continued.

The newly constructed station was a long time project that was under the supervision and major contractors of Ubuntu Inc. The corporation used several sub-contractors and other members of Fourth District industrial capabilities to make the time schedule. Ubuntu has the largest time invested in the project and is the major contributors to the build.
"We are very proud of what we have achieved together, its not a easy task to created something that hopefully will last for a long time and bring safety to the region. The name "The Kin Factory" will be a dedication to all of those in Ubuntu that made this happen, and its also a recognition of our corp where we are all kin." Ubuntu´s CEO Gothmog.
The station will be under the supervision and control of Ubuntu for the time being, to ensure that the station runs smoothly, it will then be handed over to the Allied Council after that over to the Allied Investment and Holdings LLC corporation, that runs all the assets of Fourth District. After that it will fall under the jurisdiction of the Fourth District, as with all stations under the Districts control.