Fourth District Congratulates Curatores Veritatis Alliance on New Executor


Since the founding of the Reserve, we have had a close relationship to our allies in the Amarr Empire. We have worked with the brave pilots of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance from the battles of the Mito Conflict to the defense of X-R3NM, and we look forward to doing so again. It is in this spirit of cooperation that we offer our congratulations to the new executor of the CVA, Lonewolfnight of Celestial Janissaries. We are sure that he will continue the trend of strong and wise leadership displayed by his predecessors.

To Aralis, who departs the position of executor, we wish you well with whatever pursuits you take up in the wake of stepping down. We are sure that whatever you end up doing, it will honor the Amarr race and the alliance that you helped build.

Gallente Fleet Dealt Heavy Blow in Eha


Reserve and Allies Engage Gallente Fleet in Eha, Inflicting Heavy Casualties

FM: CAPT Svetlana Scarlet, Reserve Chief of Diplomatic Staff

Caldari Militia forces under the command of FADM Ladel Teravada of the Reserve and Kithan S'jet of the Duty. Corporation engaged a Gallente fleet with Minmatar support twice their own size Sunday night, killing over twenty enemy ships while losing only three friendly vessels. Caldari forces held the field at the end of the battle, driving the hostile fleet back to Gallente space in defeat.

The operation began as the Caldari fleet had been on a routine patrol along the Caldari-Gallente border following an attempted attack on a number of Federation capitals. Though that attack was ultimately unsuccessful, the support fleet continued to patrol the border, engaging a similarly sized Gallente cruiser and battlecruiser fleet in several systems over the course of an hour and a half. As the fleet continued to chase the Gallente force, intelligence began to report that a sizeable enemy fleet was forming near Nennamaila in response, preparing to move on the Caldari forces.

With that in mind, the Caldari fleet withdrew toward their forward base in Kinakka, reinforcing the fleet with battleships and bringing its full strength to about 20 vessels, about half of which were battleships. The Gallente force appeared to be numbering as many as 40 to 50 ships at various times, though the bulk of the Federation fleet was cruisers and battlecruisers. As the Gallente fleet moved closer, the reinforced Caldari fleet moved to meet up with it.

FADM Teravada, attempting to rendezvous with the fleet from Eha, where he had docked following the attempt on the Federation capital ships, warped to the Martoh gate in an attempt to cut them off, unaware of the true strength of the Gallente fleet. When a Minmatar militia Vagabond managed to push him out of jump range, he engaged, and the Caldari fleet jumped in from Innia to assist.

What followed was a close range knife-fight between two heavy militia fleets; though nearly destroyed, FADM Teravada was saved by logistics from a number of friendly vessels, a key to the Caldari fleet's strong morale even in the face of sensor disturbances and formidable hostile numbers. Many of the Caldari ships were nearly destroyed, only to be repaired in the nick of time, while the Gallente forces continued to try and eliminate the ECM interference from the Caldari fleet's jammers. In the end, most of the losses on the Caldari side were ECM ships, including a Scorpion-class battleship.

However, despite fierce Gallente and Minmatar resistance, at the end of the battle, only Caldari militia ships remained at the gate, with the rest of the enemy force having fled or been destroyed. At a minimum, the Caldari force destroyed two battleships, nine battlecruisers, eight cruisers (including the Vagabond heavy assault cruiser which attempted to trap FADM Teravada in the first place) and handful of smaller frigates and destroyers; at least ten other ships managed to escape the Caldari dragnet.

Operation Shepherd's Light Status Update


Over the past two weeks, the Fourth District has been engaged in sporadic battles with a number of Gallente paramilitary forces, pirates, and other hostiles operating in or around the Black Rise region of space. However, there have been few large battles, with most of the District's kills and losses coming in small skirmishes or chance encounters.

Against the declared targets of the operation, Federation paramilitary Strix Armaments and Defense, there have only been a handful of sightings since 10 June 110, resulting in a pair of kills on the border of Caldari space. Both kills, a Nemesis-class stealth bomber and Incursus-class frigate, were just inside the Placid region (not, as Strix has claimed, deep within Federation territory) and took place on 15 June 110.

Meanwhile, the Star Fraction terrorist organization has also engaged in a limited amount of fighting with District forces in Black Rise and the surrounding area. Though Star Fraction forces have been seen in considerably greater numbers than Strix forces, the fact that their base is in the Placid region appears to have restricted their operations in Black Rise to periodic sweeps or recon-in-force operations, resulting in a relatively low level of casualties on both sides compared to previous wars between the Fourth District and Star Fraction, such as Operation Cascade Fire.

With the establishment of the Fourth District corporations as Caldari-affiliated militia forces starting in the next 48 hours, the operational tempo of Shepherd's Light is expected to increase considerably due to the larger number of hostile targets available. Combat against the Star Fraction is expected to continue as well while operations are engaged against Federation militias.

Fourth District Reorganizing Under State Auspices


During the past two weeks, the Fourth District has attempted to engage elements of the Federation militia operating in the Black Rise region. Though limited success has been achieved, our status as an independent alliance has hindered our operations due to CONCORD regulations, and we have faced difficulties in coordinating defensive actions with other elements of the Caldari militia.
Though we maintain our objection to the current leadership of the State, we cannot stand aside and let the Federation swarm our borders. It is clear that CONCORD's halfhearted attempt to keep the peace will not protect Caldari lives, and as a result we in the Fourth District see few other options to defend our borders from Federation incursion. Therefore, as a purely bureaucratic measure, the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve and Cold Wing will be leaving the Fourth District and registering as an authorized militia force for the Caldari State.
Whether the threat is domestic or foreign, the Caldari way of life will not die on our watch.

FADM Van Cleef Resigns Post; Ladel Teravada Tapped To Replace


FADM Van Cleef Resigns Post, Ladel Teravada Tapped to Replace
FM: CAPT Svetlana Scarlet, Reserve Chief of Diplomatic Staff

Citing planetside concerns stemming from the outbreak of hostilities between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation, Fleet Admiral Van Cleef, chief executive officer of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, announced today that he would be stepping down from his position effective immediately. He has appointed Ladel Teravada, currently Deputy Chief of Fleet Operations, to replace him.

“It is no secret to many that I have been very busy lately,” said FADM Cleef in his address. “For the last several months I have had to rely on much of the command staff for the administration of the Reserve. Faced with the possibility of even less available time, I have decided to resign as CEO of the Reserve and appoint Ladel Teravada as my successor."

Following FADM Van Cleef's address, Teravada sent out his own communique, thanking his predecessor for his years of service. “If there is one person to attribute the success of the last two years for CAIN, I'd attribute it all to him. I know for a fact that he has helped inspire me to continue when things have been bleak,” he stated. “He has spoken to our hearts more than once and I can but hope to achieve the same myself.”

One of the Reserve's original core members, FADM Van Cleef's tenure as commander in chief, which began in April of 108 after a major reorganization of the corporation, has seen a dramatic surge in the strength and readiness of the organization. Over the last 27 months, the Reserve has led successful combat operations against a host of hostile forces, including the Star Fraction, Electus Matari, the Acheron Federation, the Brothers of Freedom, Triumvirate, and others, accomplishing most of its strategic goals, growing in both numbers and experience. FADM Van Cleef led the Reserve's efforts to establish itself in the Pure Blind region and form the Fourth District, both successful efforts which have led to a strong working relationship with the Reserve's alliance partners, Mordu's Legion, and a number of other capsuleer organizations, as well as a self-sufficient quartermaster corps capable of producing nearly every type of equipment and spacecraft the corporation needs.

Ladel Teravada, his replacement, has been with the Reserve for over two and a half years, receiving numerous accolades and rapid promotions, as well as being recognized by both the Reserve's allies and enemies as one of its most skilled combat pilots. According to the most recent statistics released by CONCORD's Interstellar Correspondents department, he is the ranked 17th overall among all militia pilots in kills during the length of current hostilities. In addition to his piloting skill, however, he has become known as one of the Fourth District's greatest tactical commanders, having led the Reserve during some of its most successful combat engagements.

Fourth District Begins Operation Shepherd's Light


With the outbreak of hostilities between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation on 10 June 110 and the revelation that Caldari corporations had settled in the previously inaccessible Black Rise region, a number of Federation paramilitary forces have begun offensives into Black Rise and other Caldari regions of space.

Despite the Fourth District's stance towards the current regime of Tibus Heth, these incursions into Caldari space are clear violations of Caldari sovereignty and endanger the lives and property of Caldari citizens. Therefore, we will be taking action to engage those forces attempting to operate inside Caldari borders and deter further offensive action on the part of Federation paramilitary forces.

Due to the fact that we are currently separated from the Caldari Navy's chain of command as a result of Tibus Heth's seizure of power in the State, we will be seeking our own separate declarations of war against these paramilitary forces and engaging them on our own or in concert with friendly forces. Any Gallente paramilitary forces cooperating with these targets will be engaged despite any penalties that may be levied by CONCORD.

The first target for Operation Shepherd's Light is Strix Armaments and Defense, a former member of the Acheron Federation. Though previously warned by the Fourth District not to interfere inside Caldari space, a number of their pilots have been sighted operating within Caldari borders and engaging Caldari forces. As a result, the Fourth District has notified CONCORD of our intent to engage and operations have begun today. Further war declarations will be issued during the coming weeks as the Fourth District's command staff sees fit.

Any questions regarding this operation or Fourth District policy may be directed to our diplomatic offices.

Fourth District Releases Statement on State of the State


For the first time since their statement following the Caldari Constructions riots, Fourth District spokeswoman CAPT Svetlana Scarlet spoke to reporters about her alliance's stance on Tibus Heth and his Caldari Provisional Directorate, calling Heth "no savior of the Caldari people" and denouncing the Directorate as having "no legal authority."

Speaking from a hangar in the Reserve's Nonni offices with a Scorpion-class battleship undergoing maintenance in the bay behind her, CAPT Scarlet delivered the following speech while flanked by a number of Reserve marines.

"For a month now, the State has been held in the grip of terror by a man who has claimed that the leadership of the State has failed, that our problems can all be blamed on the Federation, and that he is the only one who can save us. That he, a man who not more than two months ago was working on an assembly line, has the financial and political acumen to see us through these difficult times, and no one else.

"Meanwhile, he has amassed his own private army and used intimidation and the politics of fear to consolidate his political position, creating a shadow government that seeks to usurp the authority of the Chief Executive Panel, the Caldari Business Tribunal, and the Caldari Navy. The one man with the vision and the strength to stand up to him, Otro Gariushi, has been killed in a tragic attack by a deranged madman.

"We in the Fourth District have watched as one by one, the Caldari megacorporations that we have pledged to serve have turned their operations over to him, with no apparent regard to the economic health of the State, the good of their shareholders, or common sense. Repeated calls for an investigation into the financial dealings of this man and his supporters have been ignored, and his enforcers have been allowed to run wild while the legitimate authorities of the State have only stood by and watched. The CEP and CBT have remained silent as a power-hungry demagogue has driven us headfirst towards the precarious cliff of war.

"The 'Directorate' has no legal authority and Tibus Heth is no savior of the Caldari people. Blaming the Gallente for our current problems is an excuse, it is not a solution. This thinly-veiled attempt at a planned economy and his appeals to the masses have no place in the State. We are not an ochlocracy, as much as Mr. Heth may like us to be. The will of the shareholders, the people who own the corporations of the State, have been ignored, despite their legal rights to authority over the companies they have invested in.

"The lack of any attempt by anyone within the State's power structure but Otro Gariushi to question the manner in which this egotist has managed to seize control of our nation is greatly disturbing. We have come to the conclusion that there is but one choice for us, and that is to once again refocus our efforts in Caldari space and confront this man and his supporters head-on.

"The Fourth District retains its commitment to defend the corporations and citizens of the Caldari State. We realize that in this time of trouble, it is more important than ever to keep foreign powers from attempting to get involved in our affairs, and as always, we will not allow anyone, including the Federation, to interfere in the domestic matters of the State. That is, and will always be, our primary duty. However, we do not recognize the command authority of Tibus Heth and his Provisional Directorate.

"The Fourth District offers its assistance to any Caldari corporations who feel their corporate sovereignty is being threatened by Tibus Heth or his supporters. Any interference in Fourth District operations by the Directorate or its supporters will be met with any and all necessary force. Any attempt by the Directorate to give orders to the Fourth District will be ignored, and any attempt to enforce the illegal edicts of Tibus Heth will be resisted with all appropriate measures. Furthermore, until such time that the legitimate government of the State is restored and the Directorate is disbanded, the Fourth District is removing itself from the Caldari Navy's chain of command.

"Those who would use this as an excuse to question our loyalty to the Caldari State do so at their own peril. The District and its members have served the State since their founding and our loyalty lies with the legitimate government that guided our people through their struggle for independence and in the century since. We Caldari pride ourselves on being a practical, rational people; what is practical or rational about the course of action Heth and his cronies espouse? What do we have to gain from denying our own faults and banging the drums of war? Do not allow this man to destroy all that we have worked towards for the last two centuries. Do what is right for your shareholders and your countrymen and follow our lead."

Following the statement, CAPT Scarlet took a few brief questions from the assembled reporters, making it clear the the Fourth District would not be interfering with civilian traffic, regardless of whether or not the ship flew under the flag of a Directorate-member corporation.

"We have no intention of sabotaging the economic strength of the State any further than Mr. Heth has already done with his socialist planned-economy agenda," she explained. "Nor do we intend to weaken the State's lines of defense against foreign intrusion. We are loyal to our people, to their proud history, and to the institutions that have preserved our State for over a century. That is why we must do this, why we cannot simply stand still and ignore the descent Tibus Heth is pulling the State into."

When asked of the Fourth District's future plans, CAPT Scarlet declined to comment. "I'm afraid any statement on our operational decisions would be premature at this time, but as soon as I have more information I will be sure to see that it is relayed to you post-haste."

Fourth District Statement on Malkalen Attack


Following the disaster in Malkalen today, Fourth District transport vessels loaded with relief supplies and combat vessels providing security support have been routed to the system. CAPT Svetlana Scarlet, Reserve Chief of Diplomatic Staff, spoke to the press from the Ishukone Watch station in the system coordinating the relief effort shortly after deliver a load of medical supplies.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today is a dark day for the State, perhaps the darkest since the bombardment of Caldari Prime a century ago. Today's horrific attack against the Ishukone corporate headquarters has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives already, and many more are missing or gravely wounded. Among the missing is Otro Gariushi, one of the State's greatest leaders and a man who opened his arms in the spirit of peace, only to be stabbed in the back by a man he thought – we all thought – was someone who believed in the same ideals.

"However, the greatest casualty of this vicious assault was not those hundreds of thousands of men and women, nor the economic might of the Ishukone Corporation that now finds itself paralyzed. The greatest loss today was the death of hope. Whether Admiral Noir's attack was the act of a single madman or the work of an insidious conspiracy against the people of the Caldari State, it matters little. The fact of the matter is that the Federation is to blame for this incident; they allowed this to happen, they promised us peace and brought death to our doorstep.

"Every Caldari man, woman and child feels the loss, the anger. We have watched as fires and explosions consume the station, watched the desperate relief efforts of Ishukone personnel and those pod pilots who answered their call. As the immediate tragedy begins to end, we are left with a decision to make; what are we in the State to do now, when confronted with this staggering blow against the very fabric of our nation? What actions must we take against the Federation, which has stabbed us in the back yet again, when we only wish to live in peace?

"The Federation has burned the last of the good will we can afford to extend to them. While peace is a laudable goal, the goal we should all work toward, the Federation has proven, once again, that is it an unreliable partner in this enterprise. We must take action to defend the State, its people, and our way of life. We must prevent the Federation and its allies from endangering any more lives with their negligence and recklessness. The Fourth District implores the Chief Executive Panel to lock down our border with the Federation immediately. We pledge our full support to the Caldari Navy and promise to devote any and all resources necessary in order to carry out this mission."

CAPT Scarlet refused to answer any further questions, saying that she did not have time during the current crisis, and directed further questions to the Fourth District's diplomatic office.

Fourth District Statement on Caldari Constructions Incident


The Fourth District has a policy of generally not commenting on internal Caldari state political matters, but the extraordinary events of last week in Piak have prompted a number of inquiries to the alliance's diplomatic office, voicing concern about what this means for the integrity of the Caldari State. Therefore, we are releasing the following statement to explain our views on the issue, such as they are.

As far as the Fourth District and its staff are concerned, the shakeup of Caldari Constructions' leadership is a purely an internal political matter, and should have little effect on Caldari foreign policy as it stands, CEO Heth's personal views notwithstanding. The events of Friday have not changed the makeup of the Chief Executive Panel or threatened the stability of any of the major megacorporations, and the market appears to have stabilized in the wake of last week's tumult.

At this time, the activity of last Friday does not appear to warrant any sort of combat deployment on the part of the Fourth District. The Chief Executive Panel and the Caldari Business Tribunal are investigating the appointment of the new board of Caldari Constructions, and until they determine what, if any, sanctions must be applied towards the corporation and/or its board of directors, the Fourth District will maintain its current alert state.

However, the unstable security situation at many Caldari Constructions facilities following last week's riots and the withdrawal of Home Guard forces from Caldari Constructions stations and other facilities has raised concerns within the Fourth District's logistics divisions. As a result, the Fourth District will be conducting a review of supply contracts and suspending those with Caldari Constructions until such time that the legality of CEO Heth's appointment has been confirmed and a second review can be performed.

Furthermore, the Fourth District alliance council has issued a standing order that all Fourth District vessels are barred from docking with all Caldari Constructions stations until the security of these installations can be assured.

Fourth District Fleet Rescues Gallente Freighter


A joint Fourth District-Gemeinschaft interstellarer Soeldner-Duty. antipirate patrol operating in the low security border zone between the Federation and the State on 23 March 110 engaged a pirate fleet near the Rancer gate in Crielere, destroying one of the pirate vessels before the fleet could escape. An Obelisk-class freighter flying the flag of the Gallente Scope news agency had been in the process of being ransomed by the pirate fleet belonging to the infamous "Sex Panthers" pirate alliance; the quick and decisive action of the antipirate force saved both the freighter and its estimated four billion ISK cargo.

According to the report filed by fleet commander CDR Terry "Mookuh" Hijakosji, the antipirate patrol, after engaging and destroying a number of pirate vessels along the Hysera-Tama section of the Caldari-Gallente border, proceeded towards the Rancer and Crielere systems shortly before 2200 on Sunday following reports of pirate activity. The two systems are well-known for their high level of crime, and Sunday was no exception. Scouts spotted a fleet belonging to the Sex Panthers on the Rancer gate, as well as a pinned Gallente freighter.

The allied force wasted no time in dispatching the pirate force, though most were able to escape through the nearby gate before they could be destroyed. An Onyx-class heavy interdictor was not so lucky however, and was eliminated before it could make its getaway. CDR Hijakosji opened communications with the freighter pilot, who thanked the Caldari pilots for their assistance and told them that she had been stalling for time for several minutes, hoping to find some way of escape.

Following the actions of the antipirate fleet, the freighter continued through the Crielere system and left safely. Though appropriate communications were made with the Federation Navy informing them of the foiled ransom attempt, at this time the Fourth District has not received any response from them regarding the incident.

Fourth District Reaches Elimination Round in 5th Alliance Tournament

(Reprinted from the Caldari Navy Times Newsfax)

(ISAZIWA) - Caldari paramilitary alliance The Fourth District was eliminated in the first round of Sunday's elimination competition of the 5th Alliance Tournament, a strong run coming to an end in battle against eventual tournament champions Ev0ke. However, the team's captain, CDRE Ladel Teravada, has promised that the alliance will return in the next tournament stronger and wiser, vowing to improve on the alliance's already impressive showing.

The Fourth District began its tournament run this time with a powerful win over the team from Exa Nation, eliminating the entire enemy force with the loss of only five Griffin-class frigates, the only hitch being an instance where CDR Terry "Mookuh" Hijakosji drifted slightly out of range of his wingmates' remote shield repairers. Though this allowed the Exa Nation team to beat his shields slightly below half strength, he was able to return to the formation and quickly brought back to full strength.

The second battle, against eventual tournament finalists Triumvirate., was the Fourth District's only loss during the group stages. Though the battle could have gone either way in the first few minutes, with the Fourth District dropping one of the enemy logistics cruisers into low armor, the Triumvirate. team was able to eliminate the Fourth District electronic warfare support and use their own jammers to great effect. They were able to keep CDRE Teravada's Abbadon-class battleship from firing near through the whole match, leading to the loss of the entire Fourth District team.

The next weekend saw the Fourth District going up against United Corporations Against Macros, with a Caldari-heavy Fourth District team eliminating a grab-bag of assault frigates, interdictors, heavy assault cruisers, and a command ship from UCAM. The Fourth District team was never really in danger from the enemy fleet, its heavy shields and ECM drones keeping the enemy force at bay, while the cruise and heavy missiles from the Fourth District ships picked them apart. The victory put the Fourth District in second place going into the last fight of the group stages, with their next match to determine whether they would hold their place.

The last fight of the tournament for the Fourth District was against the pirate alliance known as The Church. This fight was a bit of a grudge match, as some Caldari Independent Navy Reserve's first combat actions were against many of the pirates that went on to form The Church., so expectations were high among the Fourth District's supporters. The pirate alliance brought the setup that had proven successful before for them, focusing on heavy damage and electronic warfare. However, according to ADM Derrys Otireya, the Fourth District's chief strategist, this was something the Fourth District's fleet was designed to counteract exactly, focusing on heavy logistics and drone usage. Though the Guardian of CDRE Teravada suffered heavy damage at the start of the fight, he was able to recover, and while the Ishkur of CDR Ayari made mincemeat of the pirates' EW support, the drones of the Fourth District Dominix-class battleships slowly dismantled the Deimos-class heavy assault cruisers. In the end, the field was completely cleared of pirate vessels and the Fourth District had taken no losses.

The victory over The Church. put the Fourth District into the elimination round, up against Ev0ke, the former members of the Tortuga mercenary coalition and defunct Dusk and Dawnalliance. Unfortunately, the Fourth District team, expecting the dual logistics setup that had been extremely successful in the tournament so far, was caught off guard by Ev0ke's high damage three Megathron fleet. Though they were able to eliminate a number of Ev0ke's support frigates, their Raven and four Drakes were eventually overwhelmed by the enemy force, knocking them out of the tournament in the first elimination round.

However, Fourth District supporters were quick to point out that the alliance's only losses were against the two tournament finalists, making their elimination not quite as disappointing a showing as many commentators were saying during tournament broadcasts. Supporters also pointed out that this was only the second tournament the pilots of the Fourth District had participated in (with Reserve pilots having flown under the flag of the Aunni Ti Tsun Consortium during the 4th Alliance Tournament), and they still managed to place within the top 16 teams.

Caldari Naval Forces Trideo will be replaying all of the past two weeks' tournament coverage over the next two weeks, courtesy of the Lai Dai Corporation and CONCORD's Interstellar Services Division. Be sure to tune in and watch any of the matches you might have missed, as this tournament has been acclaimed by Splinterz fans the cluster over as one of the most exciting combat sporting events in the last five years.

ADM Dev Larren Returns to Service


Admiral Dev Larren, who founded the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve over three years ago, returned to active service this week after spending two years in retirement on New Caldari. While his return has been greeted with a great deal of excitement among the Reserve's rank and file, he made it clear that he thought the Reserve had made great strides during his absence. "Under me, it was a small-bit private club, but under FADM Van Cleef it seems to have truly become a formidable military organisation. I hope I can meet the standard."

Admiral Larren formed the Reserve in early 107 with a small group of former Caldari Navy pod pilots, and during the first year of its existence, the Reserve clashed with a number of enemies, including the Star Fraction and the Ushra'Khan, most notably when the Reserve hunted down renegade Zainou Biotech scientist Dr. Ullia Hnolku in fall of that year and prevented him from falling into Ushra'Khan hands. It wasn't long after that that Admiral Larren was forced to begin a leave of absence, which left many of the Reserve's oldest members at a loss for his guidance.

However, despite a rocky period in early 108 filled with wars against a number of pilots who would later on establish the pirate syndicate known as The Church, the corporation managed to recover from the loss of the admiral's leadership, with current Fleet Admiral Van Cleef taking the helm of the corporation in April 108, shortly after the Reserve joined the now-defunct Kimotoro Directive. Admiral Larren has still be a constant source of inspiration for Reserve pilots however, with two Reserve space platforms bearing his name over the course of the last two years.

Though, as Admiral Larren claims, he knows "more at the moment about raising lifestock than flying an Eagle," his return has been a strong morale booster for the Reserve and the Fourth District, especially coming on the heels of the District's strong showing in the group stages of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. With Admiral Larren joining the Reserve's officers, both new recruits and veterans, in cheering on ADM Derrys Otireya and CDRE Ladel Teravada's tournament team, spirits are riding high both at Reserve bases in the State and at the Reserve's Pure Blind operations base as the spring of 110 dawns on New Caldari.

Reserve Forms the Fourth District


In a short press conference held via FTL remote today, Reserve spokeswoman CAPT Svetlana Scarlet spoke to reporters for the first time today about the Fourth District capsuleer alliance that was formed by the paramilitary organization a bit more than a week ago. Her statement follows.

"The Reserve has been planning this move for some time now, ever since our return to Pure Blind this fall from Operation Just Redress, and I am proud to finally announce that the Fourth District has finally become a reality. We have formed this alliance in an effort to raise the level of expertise within the Caldari loyalist community with regard to combat operations; for some time now, there have been allied corporations who have wished to benefit from our experience and expertise, but because of the diplomatic and political realities, that has often been difficult.

"It has taken us nearly three years to get to this point, and the road has not been easy. Twice before, there have been false starts, attempts to unite the Caldari capsuleer community under one banner, and both have failed. We believe that this strategy was one doomed to failure in the first place. The Caldari State is not beholden to a single megacorporation, after all, but to a group of widely disparate ones. The Fourth District will serve as a place for those who wish to learn our distinct style of service, and we hope to maintain relations with other Caldari corporations and alliances, but our alliance will not be for everyone and we understand that perfectly.

"There are many people and organizations that we would like to thank for getting us to this point. First, I must thank Yukito Ume and Ume Logistics for their assistance in dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork necessary for the formation of this alliance. We must also thank our allies in the Pure Blind region, for the respect and support they have given us, and earned from us. In addition, our allies in the Amarr Empire must be thanked for the expertise they have helped cultivate within our ranks over numerous combined operations these last few years.

"Most of all, however, we must thank the State, its corporations, and its people for the support we have received over our time in space. It is for them that we fight, and for them that this alliance has been formed. It will be our honor to continue to serve the State and to encourage others to follow our example.

"I have been asked, 'what does the Fourth District mean?'

"People think, and perhaps not unjustifiably so, that it is an expression of Caldari territorial ambition. After all, not that long ago, the State did hope to have a fourth district in the place we often call home, the Pure Blind region. Is this a declaration that the Fourth District will be to the State what the Curatores Veritatis Alliance's Providence region is to the Empire?

"The answer is a plain and simple no; the State and the Empire are entirely different beasts, so to speak. What it is, first and foremost, is a call to the frontier spirit of our ancestors; those men and women who first survived the harsh climate of our homeworld, built the great Raata Empire and then looked to the stars, finding our own destiny out from under the thumb of Federation bureaucracy. Those who have pioneered new science and technology, been at the forefront of nearly every field of research, and forged new trails in business. We Caldari are a people who look to the future.

"The Fourth District is also a reminder of the past; a call to remember the sacrifice that many Caldari have been asked to make in order to secure that future for our people. Whether it is a great individual like Admiral Tovil-Toba, or the collective sacrifice of millions, as with those who died on Caldari Prime, a great future never comes without a price. The Fourth District is a symbol that they are still with the Caldari and the State even though they have passed into memory. We honor their memory with the name.

"Finally, the Fourth District is also a recognition of the present. Some pod pilots claim that we are no longer beholden to nations or governments, that we are above all those 'petty' concerns. They say that they are useless to those of us of the capsuleer class, that we are something entirely different. It may be true that our status makes us a rare and unusual commodity in the cluster today, and that we as individuals hold more power than the vast majority of other people in the cluster. That is not only a position of privilege, however, it is a position of responsibility and a debt that we owe to all that have worked to make this possible. Pod technology did not come to the State to create a new exalted class, it came to the State to preserve our nation in the face of great opposition. The Fourth District is a recognition that even though we may be set apart from the rest of the State, we are still serve its best interests and work to preserve its security, sanctity, and sovereignty.

"That is what the Fourth District is. Not a declaration of future conquests, but a intimate intertwining of our fates with those of our homeland and its people. A recognition of the fact that where we are and where we are going did not form out of whole cloth, but that it is built on thousands of years of history, struggle, and sacrifice, a debt that we must honor if we are to live honestly. It is the essence of the Caldari spirit. It is a place in the heart of every man and woman that serves.

"That is all for now. In the coming days and weeks, I expect to have more information for you regarding various details of the alliance and the other corporations we will be bringing under the Fourth District umbrella, but until negotiations on that front are complete, any further statements would be premature. Questions, as always, may be directed to the Reserve Diplomatic Office."