Alliance Tournament Interview with LT Turelus of CAIN


The Fourth District News Service managed to secure an interview earlier today with Lieutenant Turelus of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, where we were able to get the details of The Fourth District’s first two Alliance Tournament matches.

District News: First of all, welcome Turelus and thank you for taking some time to have a chat with us.

Turelus: No problem.

District News: For our first question, how have you felt about the overall training and preparation of The Fourth District in regards to the tournament?

Turelus: I've been very impressed with it. We have seen a lot of participation from each of the member corporations of The Fourth District this year, and have worked closely as a group to improve upon faults we discovered early on. I really felt with each practice flight that we were becoming less individual pilots from our respective corporations and more of a united team.

District News: For those who have followed the tournament in previous years, one noticeable difference this year is the change in team captain from Fleet Admiral Trony to Admiral Teravada. Can you tell us about this decision?

Turelus: While Admiral Trony has led the team in previous tournaments, his growing responsibilities as The Fourth District Executor meant that Admiral Teravada stepped in to assume the position of team captain this year. Admirals Trony and Teravada have worked closely together in regards to our tournament training and organisation in the past, so while he is not the captain of our team this year you can rest assured that Trony has had a great deal of input into our team.

District News: Moving on to the matches you participated in this weekend, could you tell me how confident you were going into the first match and a little about your thoughts and tactics within the match? From our point of view it was an impressive and clean victory.

Turelus: Certainly. Going into the first match we were pretty confident, and while you're never sure what fleet compositions you will come up against the setup we chose had proven in previous tournaments to be a strong and capable fleet. Before the match our nerves were high; there is something about Alliance Tournament matches that make even the most veteran pilots return to the adrenalin-pumped and heart pounding feeling of being a rookie Capsuleer.
Once we saw our opponent’s setup we were very confident we had the match won as long as we kept our cool and didn't make any stupid mistakes. The MJD (Micro-Jump Drive) from our opponents caught us off guard, but the team was able to recover quickly and adapt to a new set of tactics, a testament to the hours each pilot has spent in training. We did take a couple of avoidable losses due to piloting error, which were discussed by the team in the post-flight debrief.

District News: Thank you. We have the same question now regarding you confidence and tactics for the second match. This one didn't go as well for you.

Turelus: No, not at all. There was a lot more pressure going into this match. Rote Kapelle has proven to be a formidable opponent in previous tournaments and there is still a lot of tension when our two alliances clash. We knew the battle would be a struggle from the moment we saw their fleet composition and the announcement of their flag ship Bhaalgorn in local channels. Our greatest fear had been realised as they had fielded the scissors to our paper. This didn't stop us from trying though. We're not the kind of alliance to say "well, we're screwed, let’s go home," so tactics and orders were laid out before the match began and we tried our hardest to overcome the immeasurable odds. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.

District News: You have a week now before your next match where you will face off against R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. How confident are you about this match and will you be making any special preparations for it?

Turelus: We're reasonably confident about the match, but we won't get cocky. R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N is an unknown to us as a new alliance within the tournament so we don't yet have a full grasp of their skills. As for preparations, we will go back to training and discussions to continue pushing the potential of our team.

District News: Lieutenant Turelus, thank you again for your time. We wish you and the rest of The Fourth District alliance the best of luck in your upcoming match and look forward to watching the team hopefully make it all the way to the finals and beyond.

Turelus: Thank you.

District News: We will be setting up an interview with another member of The Fourth District’s tournament team after next weekend's matches. Be sure to tune in for the latest information and news as we follow the team’s progress through the Alliance Tournament.


The menace of HED-GP and Rahadalon, an interview with corporation Melnie Vanagi of Fourth District

Next corporation up for our continued news focused broadcast is Melnie Vanagi. The "Hawks" was a small corporation that took up residence in Fourth District during its first year in Providence. Back then the corporation was only a small numbers of 15 capsuleers which now over times has grown into a medium sized corporation with 54 members. It is one of the most active combat corporation within the Fourth District and has shown great expertise in frigate combat piloting. we have the pleasure to talk to Kra senior RA, CEO of Melenie Vanagi via a VR link.

Melnie Vanagi CEO Kra Senior RA

District News: "Good morning sir. Pleasure to have you uplinked to us."

Kra: "Thank you"

District News: "I had the opportunity to talk to mr. RA just before we started to broadcast and we talk about the govern structure of Melenie Vanagi. And you mr.RA sad that you don't have a hierarchy system in you corporation, that its more of a open ruling system. Is that correct? "

Kra: "Yes, that is correct,as many of our members are from minmatar heritage we have found that a more open non-strict hierarchy works best. We feel that it is unnecessary in our case."

District News: "As I see. But there is no problem to respect the authority of Fourth District ? "

Kra: "No not realy, Fourth District has a strong military background, we respect that, and our corporate more anarchistic approach does not effect the alliance at large. And our dedication to providence region and our previous alliance with CVA comes down to my will as leader. The others is out for prove themselves in combat and making money. One could say that we are aligned with a practical mindset if we were in the Caldari State, making money at all cost."

District News: I see, very well. Your combat record is very impressive and Fourth District sure has a lot to thank your pilots for. Moving on could you say something of your earlier days as a capsuleer corporation?

Kra: "Sure, Melnie Vanagi or "Black Hawks" was founded by group of friends and united pilots speaking the same local language (Latvian language). Soon after its dawn MV joined CVA alliance and went straight into bloody fight to defend Providence region that was invaded by southern hordes. It was probably one of reasons corporation went straight into heavy warfare orientation and has kept it to these days."

District News: Ah so it has always been a combat oriented corporation?

Kra: "Yes, with such heavy focus on guerrilla warfare corporation specialised on light and fast hulls mostly. Frigates and cruisers even attack battle cruisers but rarely larger hulls. Recently we have started to develop capital ship wing but it grows slowly."

District News: "Hehe, thats a big leap from small hulls, sure you are able to handle the turns of a dreadnought?"

Kra: "Yes, that won't be a problem"

District News:" Please continue Mr.RA"

Kra: "At its beginning corporation was NBSI and even attacked some ships from citadel community, but since my joining it went straight into full support of Lord Aralis that was our mentor and so Melenie Vanagi started to grow towards supporting Amarr Empire and my training even hardened this direction. MV are not picky about attacking different pilots of New Eden as we are convinced that in most cases they are pirates and will attack us if given such chance. This conviction sometimes conflicts with alliance views, but as we are reimbursing all losses that occur accidentally killing some friendly pilots we get along well, I suppose."

District News: "Can you please tell our readers more about the non combat side of the "Black Hawks"?

Kra: "We are quite relaxed about our life's in space as we are immortal and life is way more enjoyable with good vine and few exotic dancer on board. Motto known to our comrades is - we fly sober but shoot drunk. Second one is - we came to kill all of you. What is quite true. HED-GP and Rahadalon inhabitants know our pilots quite well and we are feared by corporations red to us and living close enough."

District News
: "Hehe, so we have seen on your kill statistic. Well keep up the good work and it has been a pleasure speaking with you sir."

: "Thank you"

Corporations of the 4TH District: Copperhead Arsenal


After more than two years in the reach of Providence region I think its time we focus on those that have gone great lengths to make this region their home. This is why we, the Fourth District News Service, would like to make a few articles on those corporation that was there from the beginning or have joined up along the road. They are here today to help created this Caldari enclave in Providence region and make a home for themselves. First out is Copperhead Arsenal, a founding corporation of the Fourth District and a well experienced group of capsuleers in many areas from industry to combat. District News have the pleasure to talk to Vaelden Athargan, newly appointed CEO for Copperhead Arsenal over a VR link.

Copperhead Arsenal CEO, Vaeldan Athargan.

District News: "Good evening mr. Athargan, a pleasure to meet you sir."

Vaelden: "Thank you, its a pleasure to be here"

District News: "Would you like to start with something from the early days of Copperhead? How did you come to be in the alliance? I mean your corporation is one of the founding members."

Vaelden :"Sure, would be happy to. Copperhead was founded as an industrial corporation in Lonetrek with the interest of producing high-quality ammunition and weaponry. In our founding months, we encountered the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, and struck a good accord in short order. Soon, we were fitting in with them, producing wares to fuel their war efforts. Copperhead has been supporting CAIN ever since, and is the only other founding corporation at their side after COLD-Wing's dedication to the Militia efforts of the Caldari State."

District News: "Ah so you pretty much was allied with CAIN from the start? Nice to meet such a long lived allied to CAIN. Sadly COLD-Wings is not longer with us in the alliance but their contribution to the alliance has sure not gone unnoticed.

Vaelden: "Yes, it is sad that they left, but their effort and contribution is coming to good use in the Milita."

District News: "Anything you can say about your current goals? "

Vaelden: "Our current efforts are a wide base of combat operations within Fourth fleets, industrial support of the local constellation market, and combat patrols of Fourth space to keep Sansha efforts at bay. Our pilots are consistently found in every corner of our reach, pursuing most every endeavor."

District News: " Seems you have your work cut out for you, well I think the Fourth District and its residents have a lot to thank to your efforts. Its sure needed if one is to succeed in building something out of these depths of space. Well I thank you for your time mr.Athargan, I know that you are busy man so I will not hold you any further."

Vaeldan: "Thank you"