New Development plans for Ayem colony


Today District News Service received a message that Ayem colony in I-MGAB solar system will be granted new development plans during the year to come. This is after an agreement between Fourth District and the Aurora Arcology CEO Jandice Ylmadris that was made last year. According to the board of directors of the Infrastructure development corporation of the alliance Fourth Infrastructure investment Ltd. Mrs. Ylmadris will be allowed to install a Planetary Administration Center to facilitate the new colonists before they are integrated into new settlements. From there they will be relocated to new parts of the colony still under construction. "Still are much to be decided" a spokesperson tells the DNS "We need to decided on how many that will be relocated from the Aurora Arcology to the planet on the first stage, and we predict it will be 4 stages of relocating process in total. This need to be done in a safe manner, but if successful, we can truly see a self sustained colony on Ayem. Today we have around 20 000 workers, scientists, military personnel and their families on the planet, and work is continuing to improve the living qualities on the planet."

The development plan will continue during this year and goal is to slowly increase the inhabitants of the colony on the planet. "We have set a 4 staged relocation program that is to increase the total colonists from 20 000 up to 100 000 colonists. This will however not only include scientists, engineers, workers and military personnel, it will also include civilians trying to make a new home for themselves. They will be subjected to same laws as the rest of the Fourth District as we believe in a strong Caldari way of life and values, for some it might be some new things to take in consideration. They will become Fourth District citizens under the jurisdiction of Ayem colony board of development and the Auroura Arcology that both falls under the board of directors of Fourth Infrastructure investment Ltd. And if they want to work for any to corporation within the Fourth District it will then fall under their jurisdiction. The Office of Foreign Affairs will have a seat on the colony board and will function as a adviser for the joint project" Demion Samenel says to DNS.

This is just the first of many steps to develop a true settlement on the planet of Ayem. We will as always continue monitoring the development.