The Fourth District Announces Limited Deployment to Aulari


With a recent rise in criminal activity in the Aulari constellation by several rival organizations that threaten their assets and activities, the Servant Sisters of Eve have petitioned the Chief Executive Panel for additional defense assets to be relocated to the area to deal with the menace. With recommendations from the CEP, the Sisters of Eve have turned to elements of the Fourth District for assistance to the Osmon star system.

Always looking to offer aid and support to State assets, the Fourth District has deployed a battleship squadron to interdict the movements of pirate factions.

"We actually deployed several weeks ago," says Lieutenant Junior Grade Nidia Masters, Commodore of the detached squadron, "but we were interrupted by a CONCORD-sanctioned war that those (expletive deleted) in the CEP were unwilling to have nullified, so we waited it out. Each of these battleships is worth as much as a cruiser squadron, so we are not going to deploy them with hostile capsuleers in the area"

Due to the hostile forces and their disposition being unknown, Commodore Masters cannot give a firm estimate to the operation's time frame other than "a couple of weeks".
"I have done these deployments before over the years and the ability to mas produce and train new ships and crews by groups like the Serpentis Corporation and the Angel Cartel frightens me, " she reports, "but our kind has the advantage of endurance. Attrition will overwhelm the enemy's war machine."

Commodore Masters has stated that the Fourth District's military presence will continue at a reduced rate for some time, and that the Servant Sisters of Eve have been contractually bound to a significant compensation scheme for deployed officers.

Commodore of the Fleet, LTJG Nidia Masters

With additional private military contractors being deployed to the area by the Caldari State and the Sisters of Eve, criminal organizations will have a significantly more difficult time gaining a foothold so close to the Caldari core worlds.

"Too Late" - Short Story

He arrived too late.

The urgent summons from the agent, and even more urgent request to hurry to the ambush site had done nothing to save the crew of the two convoy ships. He passed under their blackened hulls, a profound sense of disquiet filling him as he navigated through the debris and the remains that had once been the ship’s crew. He shut off the synthesizers - a moment of silence the only gesture he could offer - and set his ship on a course back to the agent's station. It would not be good news he would bear.