To contact CAIN, please evemail ADM Ladel Teravada or FADM Trony.
Pilots that are loyal the the ideals of Caldari State who have solid combat experience (particularly in capital and supercapital ships) are encouraged to apply.

Note that previously, CAIN had "Caldari-only" policy of recruitment. This restriction has been relaxed at a later time. Nevertheless, due to a complex political situation in the cluster, applicants from Caldari bloodlines (Deteis, Civire and Achura) will have the highest chances of being accepted. Those bloodlines that have history of having good relations with the State (Khanid, Amarr, Ammatar, in that order) will also be considered. Gallente and Minmatar bloodlines will not be considered. However, Intaki, who have proven their loyalty by having high standings with Mordu's Legion, are always welcome to CAIN.