FADM Van Cleef Releases Statement on APEX Conglomerate


At noon on 17 November 109, Reserve commander-in-chief FADM Van Cleef released the following statement through the Reserve diplomatic staff in regard to the actions of the APEX Conglomerate over the last month.

"Recently, the actions and associations of one-time Reserve ally the APEX Conglomerate have raised great concerns within our organization. While the Reserve has not always seen eye-to-eye with APEX, we have always respected the fact that they shared the Reserve's commitment to the good of the State. Over the last several months, the Reserve and the Conglomerate have made attempts to resume the mutually beneficial relationship that our two organizations once had, with varying success. It is with great concern that we have watched our fellow State loyalists slowly slide closer to enemies of the State.

As it stands, APEX is currently hiding under the shelter of anti-State terrorists, criminals, and anarchists. With their own words and actions, they have disavowed the State, and with that action they have left us with but one choice. As of this time, the Reserve is officially severing all ties with the Conglomerate. Should Reserve forces encounter APEX pilots participating in illegal or anti-State activities, they will be treated no differently from any other outlaws."

Any further questions on the matter can be directed to the Reserve diplomatic office.