About CAIN

Caldari Independent Navy Reserve (CAIN) is one of the oldest and longest-running Caldari-loyalist corporation in EVE. Its main focus is on space combat, from large-scale fleet operations to small-gang roams. CAIN a self-reliant corporation, and many CAIN pilot are also engaged in industrial and/or exploration activities. Nevertheless, those are conducted mostly for the purpose of funding military operations and expanding CAIN holdings. As any military organisation, CAIN has a strict chain of command, as well as a system of ranks and an organisational structure.

CAIN Mission
CAIN long-term goal to become recognized by CEP as an official State corporation and to create and develop the Fourth District of Caldari State. CAIN is pursuing this goal by developing its combat capabilities, as well as operating several orbital stations and planetary colonies in the Providence region.

CAIN and Caldari State
CAIN is a capsuleer corporation serving the Chief Executive Panel and the Caldari State. While officially considering themselves apolitical, many, if not all CAIN pilots support the Patriot Faction and strongly resisted an illegal takeover of the CEP by Tibus Heth.

CAIN considers itself an independent adjunct to Caldari military apparatus and various Megacorp security forces (but not to Provists nor Caldari Militia). CAIN does not intend to participate in the so-called "Factional Warfare" alongside of Caldari Militia (although it did support Amarr militia as a part of CVA).

CAIN is embedded into the command structure of Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and fully supports Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) rules-of-engagement and the goals of Operation Deliverance. Together, the creation of the Fourth District and the conclusion of Operation Deliverance are intended to bring peace and prosperity to both Caldari State and Amarr Empire.