Heavy fighting in Haatomo system between Templis Dragonaurs and Navy forces


Later in the evening on the 18th the office of Diplomatic relations from Fourth District intercepted a cluster wide broadcast :
"SCOPE BREAKING NEWS - Reports of sporadic gunfire on board Haatomo VII - Moon 3 station after Caldari armed forces assault sieged hangar." Caldari Independent Navy reserve responded by sending task force from the District and meet up in Haatomo solar system with the observer team from 4TH District.

The task force under the command of Admiral Ladel Teravada arrived shortly with a fleet Caldari attack battlecruiser "Naga" class with "Vulture" class command support. The fleet warp in at close range from Caldari Construction undock were 4th task force hold position.

Shortly after, the stations communication system started to broadcast and Dragonaurs terrorist Tolen Kirachi spoke to the fleet outside. Heavy gunfire could be heard in the background from the interior of the station that muffled hist broadcast.

Tolen Kirakachi > You guys think you can burst us open like that? You can break a few men, but you can't break our ideals, pigs.

Suddenly a capital fleet with Templis Dragonaurs markings undocked and tried to clear the area outside from capsuleer presence Chimera and Phoenix class carriers and dreadnoughts was now sitting just outside the station. Order from caldari Navy was given to keep the caprial fleet from escaping and order to open fire was received from 4TH task force commander Adm.Ladel Teravada.

Tarawari Tano > Keep them pinned down capsuleers!

Most of the Dragonaurs fleet had to be taken out before the Caldari Navy force could undock from the station. One after one, the terrorist fleet lost their capitals from the massive damage of capsuleer piloted battleships and battlecruisers and when the undock was clear the allowed the Navy to undock, the fate of the provist supported fleet was sealed. Not long after a neutral flagged navy raven class battleship undocked and succeeded to escape from the blockade. This was no other than Dragonaurs commander Tolen Kirakachi, when this was positive confirmed from Navy commander Tano that he was missing from the station and had escaped, orders from Navy commander Tolen was broadcasted.

Tarawari Tano > All capsuleer loyalists, if you can find him, report it immediately! CAIN´s Navy intelligence contacts around the State succeeded in locate him in the system of Otsasai This was directly sent to the Navy Cmdr.Tano.

Ladel Teravada > Strike Commander Tano? Tolen Kirakachi has been located. Sending information directly. After that the hostile capital fleet was destroyed, DED officer Odo Korachi entered system to assess the situation, and a discussion on open comms could be received by the gathered capsuleer forces.

Odo Korachi > This is Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the Directive Enforcement Department - Caldari Navy - Status Report.

Tarawari Tano > Back off, DED. This is an internal Caldari matter and we have the situation under control

Tarawari Tano > All hostile capital ships have been destroyed or taken control of in the docking ring

Tarawari Tano > We are currently attempting to discover the whereabouts of one of the Dragonaurs by the name of Tolen.

Odo Korachi > Excellent work. The Directive Enforcement Department has listening posts open for the Raven class that just departed.

Odo Korachi > We have just received notification that Tibus Heth is branded as wanted by the Caldari State. If he's on board, he's yours. If we come by him, he'll be turned in as per Article 9.When this was received 4th District task force immediately went to the target system of Otsasai, and at this point is even seemed that Tibus Heth was onboard the fugitive Tolen´s ship. But no positive confirmation from Caldari Navy command could be obtained, one things was clear however, Tibus Heth was not onboard the station when the dust had settled.

Tarawari Tano > Assuming you can take Heth alive, do so. We will give him a proper trial

Tarawari Tano > If not... Well, when a man declares war on the State, sometimes they die...

In Jan solar system, 4TH District forces meet resistance from pirate capsuleers that stopped 4TH forces progress into Otsasai system, this was enough for Tolen to hide inside Otsasai system. After a few hours of search, orders came from task force commander Teravada to stand down for now and continue our search later.

Fourth District will be entering this year Alliance Tournament


It has just been announced that Fourth District has been accepted in the yearly recurring alliance fleet tournament for capsuleers all over New Eden. This is the 11th year in a row, that the secretive CCP Alliance host the tournament in a secluded area of space. 64 alliances will be going head to head in a large arena set up in space, in combat fleets with 12 pilots each.

"4TH will not be the only allinace from Providence that is participating in this years tournament, both CVA and Of Sound Mind will be entering the tournament to, best of luck to them!
"We are looking forward to this years tournament, we have a great team this year and everyone is putting everything into this years training" - the team captain told District News.

4TH Districts first match will be on the 20th of July against Perihelion Alliance.

Creation of a Caldari enclave in Providence region

In June of YC 113, after long discussions between Fourth District leadership and CVA executor Equinox Daedalus, the Fourth District signed a draft territorial claim for ownership over a constellation in Providence. This was the first step towards a permanent home for the Caldari in nullsec, under the auspices of 4TH member corporations the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, Copperhead Arsenal, Sacrosanctae Plebs, and Cold Wing.

Previously, the constellation had been held by the Polaris Syndicate and Ewoke alliances, and both joined talks with the newly-appointed head diplomat for the Fourth District, Admiral Ladel Teravada to finalize the cost of transferring ownership of the constellation's assets. These included everything from outposts and infrastructure upgrades to security deployments and personnel reassignment. Initially, the cost quoted to the Fourth District was well above what was reasonable, thus military assets of the Reserve were mobilized in preparation for forcible eviction. Military action was avoided, however, when Ewokes and Polaris Syndicate diplomats accepted a Fourth District counteroffer. In order to facilitate the transfer of assets, the Fourth District created Fourth Infrastructure Investment Ltd as a holding corporation for the newly acquired assets.

On 21 June, the exchange took place, and the Fourth District took possession of I-MGAB immediately. It was only fitting that the outpost in this system was a Caldari design, and it was here that the Fourth District established its new administrative headquarters. The station was rechristened “Port Larren” after the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve's founder, Admiral Dev Larren. Over the next several weeks, the District took control of the rest of the cluster, assimilating its infrastructure into their alliance.

As the last systems fell under Fourth District control, the alliance entered further negotiations with CVA. The Reserve, which had founded 4TH, had been a close ally of CVA for many years, and for the most part adopting the Amarr social structure within Providence was not a difficult proposition. After a formal agreement on rules of engagement in Providence and the surrounding systems held under CVA's coalition, the Fourth District was named a "Holder of Providence". Though titles of nobility are somewhat of an outmoded concept among the Caldari, being granted a title of a Holder within Providence conferred both benefits and obligations to the Fourth District, but also gave considerable independence from CVA; it was a prerequisite for Fourth District participation in Operation Deliverance that their enclave be self-governing and independent from the CVA military hierarchy. The agreement also ensured a mutual defense pact between both the Fourth District and CVA.

Over the last two years, a number of Caldari corporations have joined the Fourth District and established themselves in 4TH space. Black Phoenix Legion, another corporation with a long working relationship with CVA of largely Caldari and Khanid origin, joined not long after the establishment of the District's enclave, and was followed not long after by research and manufacturing corporation Lai Dai Infinity Systems, which was founded by a former member of CAIN. In late YC 114, Ubuntu Inc. joined the Fourth District, bringing a large number of new pilots of varying skill to the alliance. All three corporations were highly valued additions to the Fourth District's ranks, adding both combat and industrial capacity to the alliance's resources. There were departures from the District as well during this time. Cold Wing, which helped to found the District as well as the Providence enclave, departed the Fourth District on good terms, as its CEO, April Knox, decided to take her corporation in another direction.

Today, the Fourth District's constellation remains open for business to all non-hostile capsuleers, as with the rest of CVA and holder space. Corporate rules, as well as the dictates of both CVA and the Fourth District, must be accepted by new arrivals; arrangements for long-term residence may be best negotiated by contacting alliance or corporate diplomats.

Caldari Construction station in Haatomo solar system still under siege


The past few days not much has changed around the corporate station of Caldari Constructions in Haatomo, which is still under blockade by Caldari Navy. Tibus Heth still hold the station under siege with loyal members of Templis Dragonaurs and a fleet of 70 ships.

"We still hold a open link with both the Chief Executive Panel and the Navy" says CAIN´s public relations office to Fourth District News Service.

Local communication have been intercepted several days in a row which was broadcasted on a public frequency. It included quit open dislike of the Heth regime and the current state of the situation from members of different capsuleer organisations. There were also rew other capsuleers openly proclaiming their support towards Tibus Heth. District News also received reports of capsuleer engagement between battleship class ships around 200km from the CC station. Everything was reassured that they operated within CONCORD controlled ruled of engagements in high security space and thus did not go against any previous rules set by CONCORD. The engagement was between Heth loyalists and anti-Heth supporters. No information how many casualties have been obtained by District News, but at least one battleships was destroyed.

Other than that the situation is quite, no communication have been broadcasted from the station, and CEP and CN has not since when the blockade was issued made any statement to any news service what is happening. But much is clear that the situation is under heavy strain both from the State and from the capsuleer community. From CAIN observers intel that more and more aggressive fleet movement around the station have been spotted the last few days.

"We hope that this will have a quick resolution, but at this point much lays in the hand of former state executor Tibus Heth and his lackeys. We will of course reach out to CEP and the Navy if help is needed, and we are keeping a close eye on the situation" Commander Demion Samenel told District News.

Heth sieging Haatomo station, CAIN sends observers


Former State executor Tibus Heth has barricaded himself inside the Caldari Constructions station around Haatomo VII. This has comes after days of development within the State after the death of Visera Yanala and Tibus Heth leaving the scene of an enquiry from the CEP. And ended with him leading a group of Templis Dragonaurs and seizing the station on the 10th of June. Initially, there was no clear reason for his move and no one from the CEP or Caldari Navy could give District News any good explanations. There was just wait. When the siege entered its second day, news came from the the Navy that the situation had been "contanied" Also, news came from the Chief Executive Panel that Heth operated without the orders from the CEP. Making this a unauthorized military attempt, and is seen as an terrorist action. According to the Fourth District diplomatic office, personnel was sent out to "keep an eye on things and keep an open link to the CEP and Navy". Later on the 10th of June, two officers from Caldari Independent Navy Reserve intercepted an increasing military build up around the station. Admiral Ladel Teravada and Lieutenant Turelus told District News that the Navy had blockaded the station with capitals and made sure that no one from the terrorists left the area. According to intel, Heth and his Templis Dragonaurs have around 70 vessels inside the station, which most are capitals.

[ 2013.06.10 19:17:07 ] Tokamo Okuka > Okay. Reports confirmed. There's over 70 vessels in those hangars. Seems we had a task force out here in gravdock for deck leave.
[ 2013.06.10 19:17:18 ] Tokamo Okuka > Mostly capital classes.

The situation was under control of the Caldari navy and CAIN was only there as an observer, as Lieutenant Turelus told District News, "we offered our support to the Navy if things would turn for the worse"

[ 2013.06.10 19:32:34 ] Turelus > Caldari Navy Forces, should you or the CEP require aid from The Fourth District please contact Admiral Trony or Commander Demion Samenel

The blockade was successful from the Navy standpoint and a greater crisis could be avoided thanks to the Caldari Navy. However, intercepted Local chatter did contain both pro-Heth and anti-Heth statements. Much that not do any good for the event at hand. Admiral Teravada did try to talk the local chatter down without greater success.

[ 2013.06.10 19:48:25 ] Ladel Teravada > My. You are a chatty bunch today aren't you. Why don't you leave the nice Navy alone so they can focus on their blockade.

CAIN officers did nothing more than observe the situation and also received hail from the force commander of the Navy task force.

[ 2013.06.10 19:51:15 ] Tarawari Tano > Ahh, Admiral Teravada.
[ 2013.06.10 19:51:39 ] Tarawari Tano > Good to see you. request?
[ 2013.06.10 19:52:01 ] Ladel Teravada > Strike Commander Tano. The same to you. Pleasant evening I hope? 
[ 2013.06.10 19:52:16 ] Tarawari Tano > Well, apart from the recent unpleasantness, yes.

These action has resulted in a statement from the CEP removing Tibus Heth from the position as State Executor. CEP is calling him “the leader of a terrorist insurgency against the Caldari State” This has made the terrorist to make a tighter grip on the station, and they have according to Navy command in system "dug them self in deeper". CAIN has still observers in system and Commander Demion Samenel has left The District to be in system if things heat up. "We have been in contact with both CEP and Caldari Navy and we have an open link if our support is needed" Demion told District News Service.

New combat video from 4TH District


On YC115.06.03, during a routine anti-pirate patrol around the low security system of Biphi in Domain region, 4TH taskforce engaged a fleet of Nulli Secunda attack battle cruisers. 4TH leadership had previous been aware of activity of Nulli in that area, so the engagement was to be suspected. The engagement took place around of one the star gates and was initial going well even though 4TH forces was slightly outnumbered ended with 4TH winning the field and clearing out the area of hostiles.

Military advisers from The District sad that they could hold the field and was able to salvage some of the hostiles ships, and so was able to cur down cost form the lost ships. All salvage material and ship modification goes back to the alliance fund for use in alliance development.