Fourth District, Reserve Celebrate Anniversaries


Pilots of the Fourth District celebrated the first anniversary of the alliance in typically subdued fashion today, taking a brief moment to celebrate the milestone between combat sorties on the front lines of Black Rise. "In what has been a tumultuous year for the Caldari State, we have remained steady in the face of great opposition, a stalwart defender of the citizens and property of our nation," said Reserve Chief of Diplomatic Staff, CAPT Svetlana Scarlet, at the short celebration.

Though the alliance has technically been in a suspended state while its member corporations are enlisted as part of the Caldari militia, the alliance command structure has been maintained in order to coordinate operations; COLD-Wing pilots were also on hand for the celebration. Neco Furyan of CROW said "I didn't realize it'd been a year. It seems like much longer."

FADM Ladel Teravada had this to say about the occasion: "To have joined CAIN as a lowly midshipman and climbed the ranks for the last three years, to have seen us go from strength to strength, to where we now can claim respect from friends and enemies alike, has been an utmost pleasure for me. To have the rest of the Fourth District by our side this last year has only sweetened the deal."

"The Fourth District will continue our fight," said CAPT Scarlet as the pilots returned to their ships following the gathering. "And I hope that this next year sees more loyal citizens flocking to our banner. It is only by working together that we can stem the tide of the Gallente aggression that now barks at our doorstep. I encourage other loyal Caldari to speak to us about membership, either in the Fourth District or in one of our member corporations."

Caldari pilots interested in joining the Reserve or the Fourth District can inquire with alliance diplomatic staff in the NeoCom channel CAINCOM.