Public statement from the diplomatic office of Fourth District.

Providence region // Q-6LG1 constellation // I-MGAB system
Station Port Larren // The Fourth District


As the recent turmoil between the various political and megacorporate factions in the State increases, The Fourth District [4TH] remains committed to its cluster-wide support of Caldari culture and values.

4TH does not support the violations of corporate sovereignty perpetrated by the CPD and KK's current CEO during the past several weeks. However, 4TH continues to offer support to the Caldari Navy or any of the eight corporate security forces who seek it out.

When operating in the State, 4TH forces are authorized to engage clear enemies of the State such as Federation forces, Guristas, Angel Cartel or other associated forces. 4TH forces will continue to work with Caldari Navy forces to insure safety for its people. However, when a political or business conflict arises between two State corporations or its strongest allies, 4TH will not interfere in inter-corporate politics between the State's megacorporations. Any 4TH corporations seeking to become involved in the intra-State turmoil, must leave 4TH to pursue that political agenda, but are welcome to continue maintaining a presence in the District.

4TH's focus continues to be development of The District in Providence, a Caldari enclave in Providence region, for the benefit of all Caldari seeking to venture outside CONCORD-maintained space. Those interested in developing The District should contact the diplomatic staff for further information about how they can contribute to its development.

The Fourth District will continue to follow the development in the State closely and will maintain an open channel with the Navy and the State.

Thank you.

Commander Demion Samenel
Diplomat, Office of Public relations
The Fourth District