Project Moitte - An Overview


Over the past year, Lai Dai Infinity Systems (LDIS) has been undertaking a "Bottom-Up Industry" project in the District called Project Moitte. Bottom-Up Industry might be described as encouraging local lower-tier industrial activities, such as mining and planetary colonies, by creating immediate competitive local demand for those goods though the production of end-user goods like modules and ships.

For LDIS, the focus has been on Tech II modules and ships. Our members try to maintain market presence in 3KB-J0, while production is focused in 3D-CQU. This creates a secondary materials market in 3D-CQU, where LDIS sells Tech II Components and encourages the sale of various Planetary Commodities and Minerals at the outpost. In addition, LDIS is a buyer for Providence Moon Products, buying various levels of Moon Products for up-reacting and then manufacturing of the Tech II Components.

This however does not mean it is without challenges. A big challenge is sourcing minerals locally for manufacturing of large modules and ships. The popularity of Tier 3 Battlecruisers creates a huge mineral demand, both for the ship and its battleship sized weapons. The same minerals are roughly equivalent to roughly a dozen cruisers (potentially fully fitted)!

Those looking to help support Project Moitte can do so by helping to mine and develop the resources of the District and Providence as a whole. You can focus on selling and buying in 3KB-J0 (ships, mods, rigs), Z-RFE3 (ore, minerals, moon materials), and 3D-CQU (minerals, components, tools).