The Fourth District assists The Chief Executive Panel


On the 2nd of April the CINC (Caldari Independent Navy Command) was contacted by the Navy and by CEP regarding a SuVee asset transport to Caldari Prime. According to the Navy it was military material that’s was being used in the war effort but this was contradicted by the CEP saying it was for the relief effort of those affected by the battle of Caldari Prime.

Capsuleer pilots of Fourth District were asked by the military command of CAIN to put themselves on standby if things got out of hand. When time showed that it might be a clash between State Navy forces and corporate forces, orders was given to the District stand by fleet to move the fleet to Yashunen solar system and join up with commanders of CAIN. Initial things seemed to go uneventful until to the Navy ships that entered the system showed not and Navy ID identification number, but a Templis Dragonaurs ID, Executors Heths "personal army" and known terrorist group. They made a blockade of the station and forced the freighters of SuVee to stay docked. When a diplomatic solution couldn’t be reach, which is not surprising when it come to the Templis Draganours, orders was given to open fire on the Dragonaurs piloted Navy Raven ships. When the docking port was cleared, SuVee freighter undocked and was escorted by Fourth District and other capsuleer forces to Caldari Prime.

The Fourth District will continue its support of the Chief Executive Panel, and continue to lend its assistance to any of the corporate security forces that whishes to secure there assets. Executor Heths use of a known terrorist group shows the lack of confidence that the CEP have for the Executor.
And later today 13th of April, Executor Tibus Heth made a public speech to a provist loyal crowd, condemning the action of Ishukone and SuVee past weeks.