Fourth District at Fanfest


23/4 Arrival day!

Alliance diplomat Marcus Griffin on the plane to Iceland
Today most of the members arrived to Iceland. Serandra, Svetlana and Calder DK was first on spot arriving either the day before or early in the morning. Ladel Teravada arrived next raging at the great service that the airport bus provided. Later in the day rest of the team arrived, Demion, Saiva, Alexande, Turleus, Sillanda, Trony, Marcus Griffin and last, Ubuntu CEO Jessica Danikov the only member outside CAIN that had the opportunity to join the District on Iceland. Only Horgaasht did not arrive this day but will join up with the rest of 4TH tomorrow.

Members settling in from left to right: Trony, Svetlana Scarlet, Calder DK, Sillanda Kachira, Jessica Danikov, the arm of Serendra

Right after all arrived at the guesthouse, which I might add has a very good central position on Laugavegur central Reykjavik few minutes walk from the Harpa concert hall, CAIN hoodies was given out to the members of CAIN who did not own one, and all looking awesome. In waiting of Jessica Danikov who stayed a short walk from the house beers were consumed and restaurant was booked for the first evening out. Steak, horse lamb steaks was ordered, wine beer by the liter was consumed. And the night finished off by making sure the presentation for the alliance panel was in order.