The Fight for Caldari Prime


It has been confirmed both by The Fourth District observers and 4TH combat task force in Luminaire that the Leviathan class titan Shiigeru in orbit of Caldari prime has been destroyed. Right after the incident which sparked the battle around Caldari prime, cluster wide news broadcast was intercepted.

"BREAKING NEWS – It has been confirmed in the last ten minutes that a large section of the Shiigeru’s superstructure has made impact with the southern tip of the Kaalakiota mountain range, approximately 700 kilometers west of the city of Arcurio.
All contact has been lost with the surface of Caldari Prime for the third time today, after an electromagnetic surge caused by the impact destroyed communications equipment and additionally destabilized the shields of several vessels in low orbit.
The last holoreel recordings to be transmitted from the surface display a superheated trail of burning wreckage thousands of kilometers in length that tore across the sky above Arcurio. Reports coming in from the surface of the planet at the time suggested the remains of the Shiigeru had begun to break up before impact, with the concussion wave as it passed over the city causing widespread cosmetic damage to most structures, and the collapse of several high-rise buildings in the central business district.
The situation on the surface of Caldari Prime remains unclear at present, due to massive atmospheric distortion and a dust cloud that covers several hundred thousand square kilometers, obscuring the entire city of Arcurio and most of the southern Kaalakiota Mountains.
Both CONCORD and Federation Navy Commander Anteson Ranchel have issued orders against any vessels attempting an approach on Caldari Prime. The office of press for the Federation Navy has declared Caldari Prime a Federal disaster zone as the battle for orbital superiority continues."

Camera drone captured part of the large Federation capital fleet engaging Navy forces.

According to our Navy sources STPRO soldiers is still fighting on the ground in the outskirts of the city of Arcurio, no official reports has been made about its progress as no communication exist with the surface.

The Fourth District had earlier been aware of an escalating tension in Luminaire system. A small team of observers was sent to the system to assess the situation and make contact with any Navy command present. As time grow orders was given to also send a small Districts force, primary Naga battle cruisers with support. It was clear that in the afternoon a diplomatic solution was out of the airlock, when Titan pilot Visera Yalana open fire on a DED vessel.

Many thoughts will go this day to the people on the planet. No comments has been issued from the Fourth leadership or its diplomatic staff on what will happen after the fighting settled. It might be too early to tell as fighting is still ongoing.