Places in the Fourth District - Alliance headquarter "Trony´s Undockramp and Market"


3KB-J0 is the Fourth District headquarter, place of the Alliance Council, the CINC of CAIN and the constellations main market hub. The large structure hosts the main population of the District, both capsuleers and its non-capsuleer citizens, making it a meeting point for all who visits the District. Most of the population works as docking workers, service and administrative personnel, communication specialists and security details.

The station has a range of offices for corporations, market venues, living quarters and recreational areas. One of the different places to visit is the Yakiya Garden, high up in the station. It’s a mixed caldari designed garden for anyone to use when visiting the station. An attempt to bring bits of Caldari out to the District.

The name of the station, “Trony´s Undockramp and Market”, was given to the former vice Admiral Trony for his long history of “cleaning up” undock from hostiles that tried to make a quick getaway. Now since he was promoted to full admiral, he enjoys watching the undock higher up in the station from his office of the CINC and as alliance executor.