Caldari Prime


The last couple of days, The District has been reached with news of the escalating hostilities on our homeworld. And just few days ago, the titan class Leviathan Shiigeru was manned by Admiral Visera Yanala. A Navy admiral with along history of service in the Navy, and also a strong supporter of the Heth regime.

Today, this morning, State executor Heth also mentioned that the Titan will be brought closer to the surface of the planet to be able to fire support on any hostile groups on the ground.

A small task force and observers has been sent out from the District to Luminaire system. They will asses the situation and offer any help to the Navy, if its deemed necesseray and only open fire if fired upon. If the situation require it, the District task force will engage hostiles that wishes to destroy State proberty or civilian targets.

This picture was taking this morning above the Caldari homeworld, with the titan and support around the area.