Fourth District Fleet Rescues Gallente Freighter


A joint Fourth District-Gemeinschaft interstellarer Soeldner-Duty. antipirate patrol operating in the low security border zone between the Federation and the State on 23 March 110 engaged a pirate fleet near the Rancer gate in Crielere, destroying one of the pirate vessels before the fleet could escape. An Obelisk-class freighter flying the flag of the Gallente Scope news agency had been in the process of being ransomed by the pirate fleet belonging to the infamous "Sex Panthers" pirate alliance; the quick and decisive action of the antipirate force saved both the freighter and its estimated four billion ISK cargo.

According to the report filed by fleet commander CDR Terry "Mookuh" Hijakosji, the antipirate patrol, after engaging and destroying a number of pirate vessels along the Hysera-Tama section of the Caldari-Gallente border, proceeded towards the Rancer and Crielere systems shortly before 2200 on Sunday following reports of pirate activity. The two systems are well-known for their high level of crime, and Sunday was no exception. Scouts spotted a fleet belonging to the Sex Panthers on the Rancer gate, as well as a pinned Gallente freighter.

The allied force wasted no time in dispatching the pirate force, though most were able to escape through the nearby gate before they could be destroyed. An Onyx-class heavy interdictor was not so lucky however, and was eliminated before it could make its getaway. CDR Hijakosji opened communications with the freighter pilot, who thanked the Caldari pilots for their assistance and told them that she had been stalling for time for several minutes, hoping to find some way of escape.

Following the actions of the antipirate fleet, the freighter continued through the Crielere system and left safely. Though appropriate communications were made with the Federation Navy informing them of the foiled ransom attempt, at this time the Fourth District has not received any response from them regarding the incident.