Fourth District Begins Operation Shepherd's Light


With the outbreak of hostilities between the Caldari State and Gallente Federation on 10 June 110 and the revelation that Caldari corporations had settled in the previously inaccessible Black Rise region, a number of Federation paramilitary forces have begun offensives into Black Rise and other Caldari regions of space.

Despite the Fourth District's stance towards the current regime of Tibus Heth, these incursions into Caldari space are clear violations of Caldari sovereignty and endanger the lives and property of Caldari citizens. Therefore, we will be taking action to engage those forces attempting to operate inside Caldari borders and deter further offensive action on the part of Federation paramilitary forces.

Due to the fact that we are currently separated from the Caldari Navy's chain of command as a result of Tibus Heth's seizure of power in the State, we will be seeking our own separate declarations of war against these paramilitary forces and engaging them on our own or in concert with friendly forces. Any Gallente paramilitary forces cooperating with these targets will be engaged despite any penalties that may be levied by CONCORD.

The first target for Operation Shepherd's Light is Strix Armaments and Defense, a former member of the Acheron Federation. Though previously warned by the Fourth District not to interfere inside Caldari space, a number of their pilots have been sighted operating within Caldari borders and engaging Caldari forces. As a result, the Fourth District has notified CONCORD of our intent to engage and operations have begun today. Further war declarations will be issued during the coming weeks as the Fourth District's command staff sees fit.

Any questions regarding this operation or Fourth District policy may be directed to our diplomatic offices.