Operation Shepherd's Light Status Update


Over the past two weeks, the Fourth District has been engaged in sporadic battles with a number of Gallente paramilitary forces, pirates, and other hostiles operating in or around the Black Rise region of space. However, there have been few large battles, with most of the District's kills and losses coming in small skirmishes or chance encounters.

Against the declared targets of the operation, Federation paramilitary Strix Armaments and Defense, there have only been a handful of sightings since 10 June 110, resulting in a pair of kills on the border of Caldari space. Both kills, a Nemesis-class stealth bomber and Incursus-class frigate, were just inside the Placid region (not, as Strix has claimed, deep within Federation territory) and took place on 15 June 110.

Meanwhile, the Star Fraction terrorist organization has also engaged in a limited amount of fighting with District forces in Black Rise and the surrounding area. Though Star Fraction forces have been seen in considerably greater numbers than Strix forces, the fact that their base is in the Placid region appears to have restricted their operations in Black Rise to periodic sweeps or recon-in-force operations, resulting in a relatively low level of casualties on both sides compared to previous wars between the Fourth District and Star Fraction, such as Operation Cascade Fire.

With the establishment of the Fourth District corporations as Caldari-affiliated militia forces starting in the next 48 hours, the operational tempo of Shepherd's Light is expected to increase considerably due to the larger number of hostile targets available. Combat against the Star Fraction is expected to continue as well while operations are engaged against Federation militias.