Fourth District Reorganizing Under State Auspices


During the past two weeks, the Fourth District has attempted to engage elements of the Federation militia operating in the Black Rise region. Though limited success has been achieved, our status as an independent alliance has hindered our operations due to CONCORD regulations, and we have faced difficulties in coordinating defensive actions with other elements of the Caldari militia.
Though we maintain our objection to the current leadership of the State, we cannot stand aside and let the Federation swarm our borders. It is clear that CONCORD's halfhearted attempt to keep the peace will not protect Caldari lives, and as a result we in the Fourth District see few other options to defend our borders from Federation incursion. Therefore, as a purely bureaucratic measure, the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve and Cold Wing will be leaving the Fourth District and registering as an authorized militia force for the Caldari State.
Whether the threat is domestic or foreign, the Caldari way of life will not die on our watch.