FADM Van Cleef Resigns Post; Ladel Teravada Tapped To Replace


FADM Van Cleef Resigns Post, Ladel Teravada Tapped to Replace
FM: CAPT Svetlana Scarlet, Reserve Chief of Diplomatic Staff

Citing planetside concerns stemming from the outbreak of hostilities between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation, Fleet Admiral Van Cleef, chief executive officer of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, announced today that he would be stepping down from his position effective immediately. He has appointed Ladel Teravada, currently Deputy Chief of Fleet Operations, to replace him.

“It is no secret to many that I have been very busy lately,” said FADM Cleef in his address. “For the last several months I have had to rely on much of the command staff for the administration of the Reserve. Faced with the possibility of even less available time, I have decided to resign as CEO of the Reserve and appoint Ladel Teravada as my successor."

Following FADM Van Cleef's address, Teravada sent out his own communique, thanking his predecessor for his years of service. “If there is one person to attribute the success of the last two years for CAIN, I'd attribute it all to him. I know for a fact that he has helped inspire me to continue when things have been bleak,” he stated. “He has spoken to our hearts more than once and I can but hope to achieve the same myself.”

One of the Reserve's original core members, FADM Van Cleef's tenure as commander in chief, which began in April of 108 after a major reorganization of the corporation, has seen a dramatic surge in the strength and readiness of the organization. Over the last 27 months, the Reserve has led successful combat operations against a host of hostile forces, including the Star Fraction, Electus Matari, the Acheron Federation, the Brothers of Freedom, Triumvirate, and others, accomplishing most of its strategic goals, growing in both numbers and experience. FADM Van Cleef led the Reserve's efforts to establish itself in the Pure Blind region and form the Fourth District, both successful efforts which have led to a strong working relationship with the Reserve's alliance partners, Mordu's Legion, and a number of other capsuleer organizations, as well as a self-sufficient quartermaster corps capable of producing nearly every type of equipment and spacecraft the corporation needs.

Ladel Teravada, his replacement, has been with the Reserve for over two and a half years, receiving numerous accolades and rapid promotions, as well as being recognized by both the Reserve's allies and enemies as one of its most skilled combat pilots. According to the most recent statistics released by CONCORD's Interstellar Correspondents department, he is the ranked 17th overall among all militia pilots in kills during the length of current hostilities. In addition to his piloting skill, however, he has become known as one of the Fourth District's greatest tactical commanders, having led the Reserve during some of its most successful combat engagements.