Fourth District Congratulates Curatores Veritatis Alliance on New Executor


Since the founding of the Reserve, we have had a close relationship to our allies in the Amarr Empire. We have worked with the brave pilots of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance from the battles of the Mito Conflict to the defense of X-R3NM, and we look forward to doing so again. It is in this spirit of cooperation that we offer our congratulations to the new executor of the CVA, Lonewolfnight of Celestial Janissaries. We are sure that he will continue the trend of strong and wise leadership displayed by his predecessors.

To Aralis, who departs the position of executor, we wish you well with whatever pursuits you take up in the wake of stepping down. We are sure that whatever you end up doing, it will honor the Amarr race and the alliance that you helped build.