District members intercept new technology through newly discovered "Ghost Sites"


Some weeks ago we received this CONCORD public news article about secret pirate sites, so called "ghost sites", these were discovered all round New Eden, and in these "sites" pirate faction secretly were developing new technology that could, according to CONCORD, shift the balance of power within New Eden.

Now these "sites" have started to show up in several places within Providence region and also inside the borders of Fourth District."This is alarming, we have put our capsuleers in heightened alert after the discovery of these sites" says the alliance spokesperson Commander Demion Samenel to the District News. According to public reports from the alliance it seems that these anomalies can´t be identified by normal ship sensors or scanners and are very well hidden, the pirate faction has gone to great length to hide them from the public and also in great length to defend them. They are inclined to rather blow the structure up than these covert sites being discovered by outsiders and in into our hands. When these first "ghost sites" was discovered, a momentous attack was orchestrated by the four empires that ended in disaster.

"What we have found in these sites are some kind of covert research tools. As much as I can say at this point it seems to included intel gathering technology and I have on several rapports that they are highly volatile, most likely due to the fact that the structure is set to explode if outsiders tries to infiltrate them. Other salvaged materials show signs of being used for new capsuleer cordial implants, which has another more direct military applications that is more worrying. Others finds include new blueprints of personal deployable structure, all this indicates that those faction have a certain covert operation behind it and clearly a military function." Says Commander Samenel.

"Our Military Advisory Board is well informed of this and they are keeping an eye out for any technology that could damage our efforts in the region. But nothing we have seen so far is in direct attack to us or the State but we do keep a watchful eye out for these findings in the District in the future to come." Commander Samenel to the District News.