The Industrial Advisory Board talks about the future of Planetary Developments within Fourth District


The industrial corporate powers of the Fourth District better known as the Industrial Advisory Board [IAB] has since a few weeks been pushing for a more open approach to its advertisement and development of Fourth Planetary Industrial sector. Meetings have been taking place in the alliance Headquarters in 3KB-J0 and there is still a lot of discussion taking place.

Z-RFE3 planetary commodities are being shipped away

We need to show that we are ready to increase our traffic in the District, the area would benefit greatly in the increase of revenues and there is a lot of opportunities that could be harvest in this region of space and its planets many of them is still unexploited. Today any corporation can be allowed to put up planetary harvesters and industrial command centers on planets, our tax is set to 7% both for import and export for any corporation or capsuleer that is interested of doing so, and we would recommend to keeping that level at least for the time being. We have compared our tax level to those in Empire controlled space, they are set at 10% on export and 5% on import, and just recently capsuleers are now taking over more and more of the custom offices they want to put their own tax on top of that. We know that many will do their own deals with InterBus to reduce this tax or have other means of doing so but this will only allowed them a reduction 50 % on the taxes which then will add the capsuleers own tax on top of that. They need to profit from it so we foresee that taxes will in the end be much higher than our own. So we are still competitive when it comes to District planetary custom tax, and even more generous to those that are our allies, which then are reduced significantly. But we need to increase the awareness of our space throughout the cluster, let corporations know that they can come to us and we will protect their investments and in return they can profit from our valuable resources. The treat of Sansha have never been lower since the alliance took control and even hostile capsuleer organisations is no treat to us at this moment.

So the time for investment is now. Providence is a perfect region due to its open door policy when it comes to newcomers or just profit seeking companies. It´s a perfect area to set you up for good, maybe not the richest region of space but much more so than other high exploited Empire regions. So first for the future is to increase our awareness of similar models of planetary development, to measure the competition, second is to increase our visibility in target areas such as Providence itself, Domain region second, and third to other target region. We also want to improve our relationship with other State loyal entities to make use of our space, it´s not only the State itself that should benefit for our ventures here, others can to, and that will be up to the Office of Foreign Affairs in either case.