Staff Announcement: Commander Demion Samenel is a new Alliance Head Diplomat


CDR Demion Samenel
Below is a public statement from Fourth District Alliance Executor Trony, which sent out this statement from the Allied council just a day ago. This has now been granted permission to be made public to the rest of the cluster.

"As of today [115.12.16] we are announcing a change of leadership within the alliance. Admiral Ladel Teravada, who has served with distinction along side me in the allied council, will be stepping down in his responsibilities as its diplomat and second in command of the alliance. The reason for this is that we are in the process of reconstruction of our allied forces and Admiral Teravada will be focusing in the area as its alliance main Fleet commander, a position he has held for many years before. He will in his position be in charge of Fourth District all military capabilities and make sure that we are up to our continuing defense of Fourth District infrastructures and investments in the region of Providence. Admiral Teravada will also be military liaison to the rest of Providence military high command and coordinate any military effort that might be required. The capsuleer that will be replacing him as Alliance Head Diplomat and second in command is Commander Demion Samenel, who has for many years served in CAIN as its Diplomat. He will take over the administration work as second in command and also be the one in charge of the public relation and diplomatic work as executor for the Department of Foreign Affairs. So without any further notice I would like to welcome our new Head Diplomat and alliance second in command"

This was a few days ago and it seems that our new second in command is settling himself in nicely. We are waiting for a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs and a personal note from our new Alliance Head Diplomat in the coming days, so stay tuned.