Medal ceremony for the participants in XXI New Eden Alliance Tournament

.Fourth District News Service was present when medals was presented to pilots that participated in the XXI Alliance Tournament, which, as usual, was held in a secluded part of New Eden. Many of the District members had gathered in the foyer of the Yakiya Garden were they was served drinks and socialized with both capsuleers and non capsuleers from the District. After an hour had pased, everyone was welcomed to the Officers club in the garden itself, where the tournament captain Admiral Ladel Teravada had prepared a speech. Members from almost every corporation, and some non-capuleers were gathered to see the medals being awarded by the Admiral.
"Its a great honour present these medals to those who deserve it. They have shown that they are willing to put their own agenda aside and serve their alliance. We do this not out of profit but to show that we can be as good as the best out there, and we do this with pride, and wear them accordingly. But before I present you the pilots who has participated in this years alliance tournament I would like to address those who did not receive a medal today but by helping their team with targets and practice and theorycrafting. We can not state enough the importance how much this was an alliance effort, so also a great thanks to members of Ubuntu and Copperhead. Now if you will please join me up here and receive your medal after I read your name."
Team Captain Admiral Ladel Teravada.

The gathered crowd applaud whilst those pilots who flew under the flag of Fourth District joined the Admiral on the balcony. One after one they were called up to receive this years medal, one medal for the officers of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve and one for the pilots from Melnie Vanagi.

After the ceremony the officers club of Yakiya Garden was open for the public were the gathered crowd could celebrate the recipients for the rest of the evening.

The recipients from Caldari Independent Navy Reserve are as follows:

Admiral Ladel Teravada
Admiral Trony
Commander Demion Samenel
Commander Ellyra
Lieutenant Commander Lord Shrewsberry
Lieutenant Turleus
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexande Serand
Lieutenant Junior Grade Nidia Masters
Midshipman Aegir Rasputin
Midshipman Calder dk
Midshipman Sillanda Kachira
Midshipman Xissit

The recipients from Melnie Vanagi are as follows:

Purpura Vanags Pure Kickass
Melnai Vanags Puupolinsh