Joint project with Aurora Arcology and 4TH District planetary developement on Ayem


Close-up image of the Southern hemisphere of Ayem planet

Fourth District News Service can now confirm a joint planetary development project with the humanitarian project "Aurora Arcology". The Aurora project have during its existence worked to help refugees from different kind of conflict zone through out the EVE cluster. It has done a great job to transport them and give them a place away from conflict and in the long run hopefully a new start in life.

Weeks of negotiation has been develop a joint project to start to send these refugees to Fourth District in a attempt to increase inhabitants of the colony of Ayem. This will take pace during the coming year and hopefully will both enriched the effort of Aurora Arcology and the planetary development of Planet Ayem on Fourth District.

We will work closely both with District Infrastructure Department and with Aurora Arcology to see how this will progress.

The spokesperson of the colony is Commander Demion Samenel:
"I oversee its progress and tries to work both with the alliance council and with our Infrastructure development as a mediator and the board of CEO´s and other stake holders that have an interest in its development. And of course I also stay in contact with the military council of Fourth District to assist in treat assessment."
We hope that this will bring new prosperous times for the colony, and we at District News Service sure hope all the best for Jandice Ylmadris and her Auroura Arcology.