Fourth District sends small task force to assess the call for aid from CONCORD


Early morning on the 7th, the military command of CAIN and the alliance joint military command received a cluster wide call for aid. This message was received from a cluster wide transmission and relayed to Fourth District News Service.
"Yulai – CONCORD's request that capsuleers assist in an assault on high-priority targets has been amended with a warning of potential retribution from enemy combatants. "We have reason to believe that our assault on this threat to New Eden will be met not only with open hostility, but with a cold and calculated counterblow," said Kilkkuken Mallen, CONCORD representative. "There are powers at work here that do not have the best interest of New Eden at heart, and they are gathering their forces as we speak. We fear we will have to deal with considerably greater opposition than originally expected, so we implore capsuleers yet again to side with the forces of all that is right and just - and, again, leave all the cleaning up to us."

Due to the extend of the operation it was decided from the joint chiefs of the military council that the alliance would send a small task force to assess or if possible assist in the attack. Fourth forces travelled to the solar system of Sarum prime were a Amarr and Caldari fleet was assembled. The initial report form the task force command showed that the cooperation between capsuleers and the different Empire Navies was hard and no clear commands was given.

"I have no idea what went wrong but it is clear that the navies might have not fully understand the power that capsuleer alliance hold in their systems. They would never have done what they did without proper preparations otherwise." - Commander Demion Samenel

The combine fleet of Amarr and State fleet proceeded to the target system, now with a large fleet of capsuleer pilots. The Capsuleer fleet came to a hold in the system of Doril were Razor alliance was waited with heavy attack cruisers and warp disrupting bubbles around the "in-gate" of Doril. "Its was a massacre" the reports states from the Fourth District task force.

"We were not able to jump into system and proceed with our assessment and so were not able to assist any further". Commander Demion Samenel, Head Diplomat from CAIN tells the District News Service.
"Acting Fleet commander Nidia Masters did a good decision to halt our progress beyond the star gate of Doril before we proceed. Lieutenant Turleus did however jump in as he was in a Recon ship and gave a assessment and a first hand witness to the brutal decimation of the capsuleer fleet." Again Commander Samenel tells District News
"It must be handled much better then this if a large fleet operation would ever to succeed against a much more prepared Razor Alliance, who got the same cluster-wide broadcast as the main fleet did" - Commander Samenel

We are still waiting for a official report from the 4 empires on the failure of the operation, as the criminal organisation managed to destroy the targets before the main fleet. But much is still unclear so we have to wait and see what is the official report, if all is included there...