The Fourth District holds a naming ceremony of its newly build Avatar class Titan


CNR Jenova, undisclosed location

Fourth District News Service has recently been given access to the information about a project that has been under strict military control for the last few months. And its just minutes before a alliance-wide information release from the alliance council and the alliance military advisory board was issued.
"For the last months different parties have helped us to build a Fourth District Titan, it is the first ever created for the alliance, and it shows us what dedication and hard work can accomplished if we put our minds to it. The Titan will serve the alliance in its needs and also in extend so the State. It will serve us to defend our space and to be a beacon of our dedication to our cause and the Caldari people. We are here to created a place were values of our State can endure and prosper and were new ventures can be created and develop. Lets make this day our day, and let this Titan serve as that beacon that gives us the direction to keep on improving our self "
The military advisory board also stated that he CSAA that was attacked by NC. last month was also the one that held the unfinished hull of the Titan. It was in its last phase of completion, but there was a very high risk that continued attacks would have damage the structure to such extent that we could have lost our investment. We are very pleased that was not the case here"

And just few days ago a naming ceremony was held in the District to give the Avatar-class Titan class its name. a few members were invited and the location was kept secret up until the last moment. A short speech was held by alliance executor Trony and all in all the ceremony was short due to security reasons. Finally after the alliance executors speech he announced the name for the Titan CNR Jenova.

After the ceremony the Titan jumped out and into its holding area which is not open to public knowledge and under strict control from the alliance council and the alliance military advisory board.

Finally we in Fourth District News Service welcome CNR Jenova to active duty with The Fourth District.