Caldari Independent Navy Reserve sends capsuleers to Black Rise Region


Okagaiken – Ships whose transponder callsigns match those of Tibus Heth and other Provist loyalists who'd escaped the Haatomo siege were detected in the Okagaiken system of Black Rise's Urpiken constellation. the Caldari Navy has reported. The Navy immediately scrambled a task force to intercept Heth's ship, but they were unable to locate any trace of it after a 24-hour search.

The Navy has deployed further forces to Urpiken in an effort to track down Heth, but Federal Defence Union occupation of several systems in the constellation have hampered efforts. The Navy has urged Caldari loyalists to be diligent and immediately report any sightings of Heth or ships piloted by members of the Templis Dragonaurs.
Yesterday the Diplomatic office of Fourth District received, in a cluster wide broadcast, news of former KK CEO Tibus Heth was spotted in the Black Region. The military command of CAIN did immediately send a small task force to assist in the search, again offer its assistance to the Caldari Navy.

District News cannot get any more details on the movment of the alliance forces due to its "opsec" status. But we hope to bring you more information in the coming days.