Heavy fighting in Haatomo system between Templis Dragonaurs and Navy forces


Later in the evening on the 18th the office of Diplomatic relations from Fourth District intercepted a cluster wide broadcast :
"SCOPE BREAKING NEWS - Reports of sporadic gunfire on board Haatomo VII - Moon 3 station after Caldari armed forces assault sieged hangar." Caldari Independent Navy reserve responded by sending task force from the District and meet up in Haatomo solar system with the observer team from 4TH District.

The task force under the command of Admiral Ladel Teravada arrived shortly with a fleet Caldari attack battlecruiser "Naga" class with "Vulture" class command support. The fleet warp in at close range from Caldari Construction undock were 4th task force hold position.

Shortly after, the stations communication system started to broadcast and Dragonaurs terrorist Tolen Kirachi spoke to the fleet outside. Heavy gunfire could be heard in the background from the interior of the station that muffled hist broadcast.

Tolen Kirakachi > You guys think you can burst us open like that? You can break a few men, but you can't break our ideals, pigs.

Suddenly a capital fleet with Templis Dragonaurs markings undocked and tried to clear the area outside from capsuleer presence Chimera and Phoenix class carriers and dreadnoughts was now sitting just outside the station. Order from caldari Navy was given to keep the caprial fleet from escaping and order to open fire was received from 4TH task force commander Adm.Ladel Teravada.

Tarawari Tano > Keep them pinned down capsuleers!

Most of the Dragonaurs fleet had to be taken out before the Caldari Navy force could undock from the station. One after one, the terrorist fleet lost their capitals from the massive damage of capsuleer piloted battleships and battlecruisers and when the undock was clear the allowed the Navy to undock, the fate of the provist supported fleet was sealed. Not long after a neutral flagged navy raven class battleship undocked and succeeded to escape from the blockade. This was no other than Dragonaurs commander Tolen Kirakachi, when this was positive confirmed from Navy commander Tano that he was missing from the station and had escaped, orders from Navy commander Tolen was broadcasted.

Tarawari Tano > All capsuleer loyalists, if you can find him, report it immediately! CAIN´s Navy intelligence contacts around the State succeeded in locate him in the system of Otsasai This was directly sent to the Navy Cmdr.Tano.

Ladel Teravada > Strike Commander Tano? Tolen Kirakachi has been located. Sending information directly. After that the hostile capital fleet was destroyed, DED officer Odo Korachi entered system to assess the situation, and a discussion on open comms could be received by the gathered capsuleer forces.

Odo Korachi > This is Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the Directive Enforcement Department - Caldari Navy - Status Report.

Tarawari Tano > Back off, DED. This is an internal Caldari matter and we have the situation under control

Tarawari Tano > All hostile capital ships have been destroyed or taken control of in the docking ring

Tarawari Tano > We are currently attempting to discover the whereabouts of one of the Dragonaurs by the name of Tolen.

Odo Korachi > Excellent work. The Directive Enforcement Department has listening posts open for the Raven class that just departed.

Odo Korachi > We have just received notification that Tibus Heth is branded as wanted by the Caldari State. If he's on board, he's yours. If we come by him, he'll be turned in as per Article 9.When this was received 4th District task force immediately went to the target system of Otsasai, and at this point is even seemed that Tibus Heth was onboard the fugitive Tolen´s ship. But no positive confirmation from Caldari Navy command could be obtained, one things was clear however, Tibus Heth was not onboard the station when the dust had settled.

Tarawari Tano > Assuming you can take Heth alive, do so. We will give him a proper trial

Tarawari Tano > If not... Well, when a man declares war on the State, sometimes they die...

In Jan solar system, 4TH District forces meet resistance from pirate capsuleers that stopped 4TH forces progress into Otsasai system, this was enough for Tolen to hide inside Otsasai system. After a few hours of search, orders came from task force commander Teravada to stand down for now and continue our search later.