Heth sieging Haatomo station, CAIN sends observers


Former State executor Tibus Heth has barricaded himself inside the Caldari Constructions station around Haatomo VII. This has comes after days of development within the State after the death of Visera Yanala and Tibus Heth leaving the scene of an enquiry from the CEP. And ended with him leading a group of Templis Dragonaurs and seizing the station on the 10th of June. Initially, there was no clear reason for his move and no one from the CEP or Caldari Navy could give District News any good explanations. There was just wait. When the siege entered its second day, news came from the the Navy that the situation had been "contanied" Also, news came from the Chief Executive Panel that Heth operated without the orders from the CEP. Making this a unauthorized military attempt, and is seen as an terrorist action. According to the Fourth District diplomatic office, personnel was sent out to "keep an eye on things and keep an open link to the CEP and Navy". Later on the 10th of June, two officers from Caldari Independent Navy Reserve intercepted an increasing military build up around the station. Admiral Ladel Teravada and Lieutenant Turelus told District News that the Navy had blockaded the station with capitals and made sure that no one from the terrorists left the area. According to intel, Heth and his Templis Dragonaurs have around 70 vessels inside the station, which most are capitals.

[ 2013.06.10 19:17:07 ] Tokamo Okuka > Okay. Reports confirmed. There's over 70 vessels in those hangars. Seems we had a task force out here in gravdock for deck leave.
[ 2013.06.10 19:17:18 ] Tokamo Okuka > Mostly capital classes.

The situation was under control of the Caldari navy and CAIN was only there as an observer, as Lieutenant Turelus told District News, "we offered our support to the Navy if things would turn for the worse"

[ 2013.06.10 19:32:34 ] Turelus > Caldari Navy Forces, should you or the CEP require aid from The Fourth District please contact Admiral Trony or Commander Demion Samenel

The blockade was successful from the Navy standpoint and a greater crisis could be avoided thanks to the Caldari Navy. However, intercepted Local chatter did contain both pro-Heth and anti-Heth statements. Much that not do any good for the event at hand. Admiral Teravada did try to talk the local chatter down without greater success.

[ 2013.06.10 19:48:25 ] Ladel Teravada > My. You are a chatty bunch today aren't you. Why don't you leave the nice Navy alone so they can focus on their blockade.

CAIN officers did nothing more than observe the situation and also received hail from the force commander of the Navy task force.

[ 2013.06.10 19:51:15 ] Tarawari Tano > Ahh, Admiral Teravada.
[ 2013.06.10 19:51:39 ] Tarawari Tano > Good to see you. request?
[ 2013.06.10 19:52:01 ] Ladel Teravada > Strike Commander Tano. The same to you. Pleasant evening I hope? 
[ 2013.06.10 19:52:16 ] Tarawari Tano > Well, apart from the recent unpleasantness, yes.

These action has resulted in a statement from the CEP removing Tibus Heth from the position as State Executor. CEP is calling him “the leader of a terrorist insurgency against the Caldari State” This has made the terrorist to make a tighter grip on the station, and they have according to Navy command in system "dug them self in deeper". CAIN has still observers in system and Commander Demion Samenel has left The District to be in system if things heat up. "We have been in contact with both CEP and Caldari Navy and we have an open link if our support is needed" Demion told District News Service.