Caldari Construction station in Haatomo solar system still under siege


The past few days not much has changed around the corporate station of Caldari Constructions in Haatomo, which is still under blockade by Caldari Navy. Tibus Heth still hold the station under siege with loyal members of Templis Dragonaurs and a fleet of 70 ships.

"We still hold a open link with both the Chief Executive Panel and the Navy" says CAIN´s public relations office to Fourth District News Service.

Local communication have been intercepted several days in a row which was broadcasted on a public frequency. It included quit open dislike of the Heth regime and the current state of the situation from members of different capsuleer organisations. There were also rew other capsuleers openly proclaiming their support towards Tibus Heth. District News also received reports of capsuleer engagement between battleship class ships around 200km from the CC station. Everything was reassured that they operated within CONCORD controlled ruled of engagements in high security space and thus did not go against any previous rules set by CONCORD. The engagement was between Heth loyalists and anti-Heth supporters. No information how many casualties have been obtained by District News, but at least one battleships was destroyed.

Other than that the situation is quite, no communication have been broadcasted from the station, and CEP and CN has not since when the blockade was issued made any statement to any news service what is happening. But much is clear that the situation is under heavy strain both from the State and from the capsuleer community. From CAIN observers intel that more and more aggressive fleet movement around the station have been spotted the last few days.

"We hope that this will have a quick resolution, but at this point much lays in the hand of former state executor Tibus Heth and his lackeys. We will of course reach out to CEP and the Navy if help is needed, and we are keeping a close eye on the situation" Commander Demion Samenel told District News.