Fourth District will be entering this year Alliance Tournament


It has just been announced that Fourth District has been accepted in the yearly recurring alliance fleet tournament for capsuleers all over New Eden. This is the 11th year in a row, that the secretive CCP Alliance host the tournament in a secluded area of space. 64 alliances will be going head to head in a large arena set up in space, in combat fleets with 12 pilots each.

"4TH will not be the only allinace from Providence that is participating in this years tournament, both CVA and Of Sound Mind will be entering the tournament to, best of luck to them!
"We are looking forward to this years tournament, we have a great team this year and everyone is putting everything into this years training" - the team captain told District News.

4TH Districts first match will be on the 20th of July against Perihelion Alliance.