Corporations of the 4TH District: Copperhead Arsenal


After more than two years in the reach of Providence region I think its time we focus on those that have gone great lengths to make this region their home. This is why we, the Fourth District News Service, would like to make a few articles on those corporation that was there from the beginning or have joined up along the road. They are here today to help created this Caldari enclave in Providence region and make a home for themselves. First out is Copperhead Arsenal, a founding corporation of the Fourth District and a well experienced group of capsuleers in many areas from industry to combat. District News have the pleasure to talk to Vaelden Athargan, newly appointed CEO for Copperhead Arsenal over a VR link.

Copperhead Arsenal CEO, Vaeldan Athargan.

District News: "Good evening mr. Athargan, a pleasure to meet you sir."

Vaelden: "Thank you, its a pleasure to be here"

District News: "Would you like to start with something from the early days of Copperhead? How did you come to be in the alliance? I mean your corporation is one of the founding members."

Vaelden :"Sure, would be happy to. Copperhead was founded as an industrial corporation in Lonetrek with the interest of producing high-quality ammunition and weaponry. In our founding months, we encountered the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, and struck a good accord in short order. Soon, we were fitting in with them, producing wares to fuel their war efforts. Copperhead has been supporting CAIN ever since, and is the only other founding corporation at their side after COLD-Wing's dedication to the Militia efforts of the Caldari State."

District News: "Ah so you pretty much was allied with CAIN from the start? Nice to meet such a long lived allied to CAIN. Sadly COLD-Wings is not longer with us in the alliance but their contribution to the alliance has sure not gone unnoticed.

Vaelden: "Yes, it is sad that they left, but their effort and contribution is coming to good use in the Milita."

District News: "Anything you can say about your current goals? "

Vaelden: "Our current efforts are a wide base of combat operations within Fourth fleets, industrial support of the local constellation market, and combat patrols of Fourth space to keep Sansha efforts at bay. Our pilots are consistently found in every corner of our reach, pursuing most every endeavor."

District News: " Seems you have your work cut out for you, well I think the Fourth District and its residents have a lot to thank to your efforts. Its sure needed if one is to succeed in building something out of these depths of space. Well I thank you for your time mr.Athargan, I know that you are busy man so I will not hold you any further."

Vaeldan: "Thank you"