Ubuntu CEO tells her story...


Jessica Danikov, Executor of Ubuntu, the newest corporation to take up residency within the District tells her story that led her up to the position as Chief Executor Officer and the history of Ubuntu before the corporation was joined with other of the Districts corporation.

A fledgling pilot is recruited into an EVE corporation, but not all is as it seems. Her ambition drives her to advance through the ranks, but cracks appear in the organization's foundations. As power beckons, will she answer the call and unify the 'Tribe', or will her conscience become the better of her?
Jessica Danikov is a new capsuleer, It doesn't take long for her to run across Evil Nanny, an agent of Ubuntu Inc. offering 'free' Kestrels to all rookie capsuleers in the system. Initially, Jessica is wary and warns her fellow capsuleers of griefers and a potential scam, but is traded a ship and invited to join a community of fledgling pilots in a channel known as UBU.

Naive and idealistic, Jessica is enthralled by the corp's proclaimed values, in particular their generosity and proclaimed altruism that seems to fly in the face of a cynical universe. She is convinced by their Chief, commits to corp, and is tasked with completing a series of rites known as 'scholarships' in which she must learn basic capsuleer survival skills and demonstrate her fealty to the corp. Jessica finds a mentor, Teighty, and becomes his protégé.

Her training culminates in the Ceremony, a tribal rite where she publicly commits herself to the corp, Her peers accept her as Kin with cries of 'Ubuntu!' before purging her ship in fire and flame. In her capsule, Jessica is reborn a member of the Tribe.

The rabbit hole deepens. Jessica discovers deeper ranks within the corp, whispers of the Nomad, the Sage and the Visionary. Scholarships stretch before her, a labyrinth of knowledge and training. Jessica discovers that she, too, may sponsor others and increase her rank and stature within the group, but the greatest honor is bestowed to those that recruit others into the fold.

She is also introduced to the Pact- a complex Oath that binds her ever tighter to the Chief's design- and Commitment- a 'voluntary' tax by which the corp is funded. The Chief leads the corp in a violent campaign of control throughout the system of Ziona and begins a vicious vendetta with Oblivion Chaos. Jessica learns to fight in the wars that follow.

Jessica is called upon to serve under Canyon Vjourytant as a Tribal Monitor, tasked with keeping the members in line and rooting out subversive elements. She enjoys the increased privilege and stature within the corp, but tensions rise amongst the leaders above her and relationships grow cold between her and the Visionary Biddybam. Her mentor, Teighty, withdraws from corporation life leaving Jessica, while the Chief is nowhere to be seen.

Things take a turn for the worse when the Visionaries, led by the insidious Jace Vorrin, abandon the corp and form the heretical Project Aces, taking good souls with them. Jessica bears the weight of the Tribe on her shoulders, knowing full well that her presence could be the lynch-pin preventing a full collapse of those who remained loyal to the corp. However, nature abhors the power vacuum the schism has left in its wake.

She seizes her opportunity and, garnering the support of those that remained and with his reputation in tatters because of recent events, issues a vote of no-confidence in the Chief. The path finally clear, she quickly moves to take control of the Tribe. For a brief moment, she contemplates how far she had come and how the strange ways of Ubuntu no longer held their mysticism for her, reduced to tools of control and indoctrination- all for the good of the Tribe.

The corp is battered and bruised, but still standing. New recruits stand ready as Jessica issues a new Tribal mandate: the corp sets its sights on a far off land known as Providence, and a new chapter of their journey begins...