Ayem colony was attacked by Sansha forces


The colony on Ayem in I-MGAB solar system was attacked yesterday by Sansha forces. A small force of Succubus and Phantasm ships raided the settlement and planetary infrastructure, according to District military command, the Sansha´s Nation had an objective to abduct as many colonists as possible. "This is sadly something we have seen taken place before" Cmdr. Samanel told District News. The attack came early in the morning were the largest settlement was located, 132 colonists was abducted during two waves before planetary security forces managed to fend off further attacks, officials from Fourth District is saying that there has been a increase of Sansha´s Nation activities in system were there is less military presence such as I-MGAB solarsystem. "We are struck on what happen, but the colonists knew when the colony was created that it would be a hazardous and dangerous undertaking" Demion Samenel told the District News. He also continued " we have sent out more regular patrols through out the cluster to try to find hidden Sansha bases, in hope we can find the colonists alive"

Ayem colony has be under construction for almost a year and its goal is to have permanent settlement on the planet. The settlement will in the future work towards increasing planetary production. Planet Ayem is the only planet with a planetary environment that can facilitate human life without a prolonged terraforming process, other planets exist but requires certain level of terraforminig to easier support human life. At the moment around 15 000 colonists is living on the surface, mostly industrial workers and researchers and there families.

The attack on the colony was a set back on the District cluster development but District News has been reassured that this will not stop any plans for future planetary or cluster wide developments. "We need to increase our military presence in the cluster and might even put small military forces on the planet itself to be able to protect our people on the planet. Today only a small security force is stationed on the planet, but this was clearly not enough." Demion Samenel told the District News.

District News Service will continue to monitor the attacks and will be updating you when we have anything new.