I-MGAB infrastructure under attack


At 22.54 yesterday, a known terrorist group made an attempt to blockade the Fourth District infrastructure of I-MGAB solar system. The threat came from corporation Why So Mad from Space Immigration alliance.

"They are known to us, and we consider them a threat to our development of this region" Demion Samenel told District News.

"They make use of black ops battleships and hit and run tactics which is hard to counter. And they have also been caught working with neutral entities in the area that makes them harder to hunt down." Cmdr. Samenel continued.

The two blockade units was shoot down just a few hours later by a joint fleet of coalition members under the command of Lt. Turelus of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve.

"We find it hard to believe that this was a serious attempt for a sovereignty push by Space Immigration, its more likely that they wanted to draw out our capitals for an easy kill." Lt. Turelus told the District News Service.

On the question if the Ayem colony was affected on the infrastructure attack cmdr. Samenel told District News.

"No, not really, there were no immediate danger for the colony or its inhabitants and we had just finished putting more soldier on the ground. And those ships they are using is not equipped with planetary bombardment units. If a situation do appear that we would need to evacuate the solar system, we have evacuation plans in order to make sure that all personnel is evacuated as quickly as possible."