Colonists found dead


The 132 colonists that was abducted last week by Sansha loyal forces has been located by a capsuleer member of the Fourth District. After days of spacial anomaly scanning, a small hidden Sansha base was discovered. The station and Sansha forces was destroyed by the capsuleer and after the destruction when salvage operation of the station started, bodies was found that could be positive identified as members of Ayem colony. All remains has been identified and now been successful retrieved and transported back to Ayem colony for proper burial rites of the family.

"We are would like to put our condolences to the family of the colony of the deaths of there relatives. We can find some comfort that they did not continues there lives in mental slavery that Sansha´s stands for, and now they can find rest instead. They will continue to live in our memories and find peace with our ancestors" - Demion Samenel from CAIN told District News.

He continued: "We have increased our presence in I-MGAB system and put a small military force on the planet to help the colony security force. Its important that this wont hinder our development of the system and the District has hole. We need to continue to push for control and keep a firm grip of the system if we are to succeed. The loss of work forces has been put forward to the alliance council and I suspect that we will see a new work force heading to the colony. We will make sure that investors and Fourth not fall behind in its development of an Caldari alliance in this constellation." CDR Samenel told District News in his statement.

District News, Providence.