Reserve Placed in Aegis Militia Command Structure


As a result of ongoing discussions with allied Amarr paramilitaries about how to improve coordination and communication between allied forces during Operation Cascade Fire, the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve has been temporarily placed into the command structure of the Aegis Militia Amarr paramilitary alliance. While continuing to maintain autonomy, the Reserve will function as an adjunct to the Militia when taking part in combat operations.

At the current time, there are no plans for the Reserve to remain a member of the Militia after the current operation concludes. The Militia's charter specifically makes it a defensive paramilitary subordinate to the Amarr throne, something which conflicts with the Reserve's place as a paramilitary organization of the Caldari State. While the Reserve has enjoyed strong relations with our counterparts in the Empire, we have made it quite clear to the command staff of Aegis Militia and the other Amarr paramilitaries that our loyalties lie with the State and the CEP unquestionably, and as a result, pledging loyalty to the Empire in any way is out of the question. This current move is a bureaucratic and logistical measure only.