CAIN Begins Combat Operations Against The Star Fraction


Operation Cascade Fire Authorized

At 1016 this morning, FADM Van Cleef and the Reserve general staff authorized the commencement of combat operations against the Star Fraction alliance, a known anti-State force currently engaged in operations against the Amarr paramilitary forces of PIE, Aegis Militia, Vigilia Valeria, and Curatores Veritatis Alliance.

Operational goals of Cascade Fire involve the containment of Star Fraction forces to Amarr and nearby systems, as well as engaging and destroying targets of opportunity elsewhere. Enemy forces are expected to be in strength along the corridor from the Amarr system to Caldari space, with significant numbers of battleships and advanced frigates, cruisers, and battlecruisers.

Operation Cascade Fire is the first major combat operation the Reserve has engaged in since Operation Smoldering Cinder against Phoenix Wing and Electus Matari during January YC109. This operation is expected to be considerably wider in scale -- the Star Fraction is a logistically superior opponent and though the Amarr paramilitaries are also engaged, we expect the CVA especially to be distracted by combat with other hostile forces, such as Minmatar paramilitary groups and pirate forces operating in the Providence region. Reserve pilots have been advised to expect heavy fighting.