FADM Van Cleef Announces Round of Promotions


Reserve Promotion Order Elevates Two New Flag Officers, Seven Others

Saturday, 31 March YC109, FADM Van Cleef announced a series of promotions for ten officers in the Reserve, the first round of promotions since the Reserve's last major strategic operations in early January. The promotions were a recognition for the contributions of both the oldest and newest members of the Reserve, due to both an expansion of the Reserve in the last several months as well as ongoing tactical operations in the Pure Blind region in support of the Reserve's allies.

Foremost among the list of promotions was the elevation of Ladel Teravada to the rank of Commodore and his assumption of his new position as Deputy Chief of Fleet Operations. In the last year, CDRE Teravada has tirelessly fought for the defense of the State and the Reserve, often against incredible odds. His tactical skill is unsurpassed in the ranks of the Reserve, and his leadership qualities are beyond dispute. There is little doubt that the Reserve will benefit greatly having him in his new position.

His place as Chief of Naval Intelligence shall be assumed by newly-promoted CAPT Zevrik, who has also distinguished himself both on the battlefield and off. CAPT Zevrik is not only an able fleet commander, but he has been instrumental in the revamping of the Reserve's communication infrastructure. The rest of the general staff joins FADM Van Cleef in congratulating the captain on his promotion.

Serving as CAPT Zevrik's deputy will be LCDR Minjak Gosok; in his time as a member of the Reserve's Intelligence division, LCDR Gosok has built a variety of new tools for the collection and analysis of intelligence data, as well as providing excellent support on the battlefield. LCDR Gosok has led the way in developing new tactics to utilize advanced technologies such as scan probes, and there seems little doubt he will continue to do so in his new position.

Also taking on the mantle of flag officer will be one of the Reserve's oldest members, Cazzir, who has been promoted to captain in recognition for his long and tireless service. CAPT Cazzir is one of the Reserve's most capable members, and has recently added carrier pilot to his already long and distinguished resume.

As the pace of recruitment continues to increase for the Reserve, CAPT Svetlana Scarlet has appointed Terry "Mookuh" Hijakosji as her Deputy Chief of Diplomatic Staff, and FADM Van Cleef has recognized his contributions with a promotion to the rank of Commander. In addition to his work as a recruiter for the Reserve and a liason to many of the Reserve's allies, especially in the Pure Blind region, CDR Hijakosji has been a significant asset to Reserve combat forces, often taking the mantle of fleet commander in cases where superiors were unavailable.

There have been a number of promotions within the rank-and-file of the Reserve as well; both Ayari and Marithin Sanalis have been promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander in recognition for their combat performance over the last several months. Both of these officers have shown excellent grasp of situational awareness and battlefield tactics, and have become valuable advisors to their fleet commanders. Three other officers, Trony, Sionell Baxter, and Yakiya "Longshots" Pirkotan, have been promoted to the rank of full lieutenant in recognition for their service to the Reserve.

These promotions all take effect as of 1 April YC109.