Brushfire Conflict in Aulari Constellation


The Hungarian Operations Team, a small corporation based in the Osmon system of the Aulari constellation, declared war against the Reserve on 12 October. Efforts to make diplomatic contact with .HOT. proved unsuccessful, and combat began in earnest on 13 October, with the Reserve scoring first blood against the attacking corporation in a number of skirmishes between small groups of combatants. Hunter-killer squads largely made up of advanced frigates, cruisers, and other light ships were sent by Reserve fleet operations forces to harass the enemy in their home space as Reserve intelligence began to put together a more complete picture of enemy operations and capabilities.

By the end of the first day, .HOT. had begun adapting to Reserve tactics, with its more senior members deploying recon cruisers and command battlecruisers against the lighter Reserve forces. In response, Reserve fleet command put together a heavier combat force on 14 October, moving a dozen combat vessels to the Aulari constellation. For nearly two hours, Reserve and enemy fleets skirmished, scouted, and maneuvered for advantage until the Reserve fleet was able to force the enemy into an engagement on the Olo gate in Osmon.

In a pitched battle, the Reserve fleet destroyed a Megathron-class battleship, two command battlecruisers, and a Hurricane-class battlecruiser, and drove the remaining enemy ships off the field, losing only a frigate and a Blackbird-class cruiser. Once salvaging of the enemy wrecks had been completed, the Reserve continued their patrol, leading to a number of other skirmishes over another two hours, with both sides scoring opportunity kills against the other largely through the use of snipers.

This pattern of skirmish continued on 15 October, with Reserve forces and .HOT. forces continuing to clash in the Aulari constellation during the day. Though the enemy managed to score their single heaviest kill, taking down a Reserve Raven-class battleship, Reserve forces exacted a heavy price for the loss, taking down an enemy Pilgrim-class recon cruiser, Megathron-class battleship, and Drake-class battlecruiser, plus a veritable swarm of frigates. These losses were evidently more than the enemy could bear, and shortly after the loss of the Megathron, the Reserve was notified that the war declaration had been withdrawn. The past 24 hours, during the CONCORD-mandated "cool down" period, have been relatively quiet, with no further engagements.